Add a Custom Number for All zHealth Texts

Add a Custom Number for All zHealth Texts

zHealth uses various default phone numbers to send texts based on texting standards (business purposes, marketing purposes, etc.). Here are the default numbers utilized for different purposes in zHealth:

  • Appointment Reminders, Bulk Texts, and Text-to-Pay (for zHealth Pay): 415-980-1890
    • Messages from this number cannot be replied to unless a clinic has a custom number
  • Conversations: 415-480-5155
  • Review Plus: 415-480-5155
    • Ability to forward/reply to messages from a hidden mobile # (will also display in Conversations, if enabled)
  • Patient Plus: 415-304-8172
    • Ability to forward/reply to messages from a hidden mobile # (will also display in Conversations, if enabled)

Benefits of a custom landline number for texting:

  • Replies can be sent for any text that is sent (including Appointment Reminders and Bulk Texts)
  • Patient-initiated texting can be configured (without a custom number, patients can only reply to Conversations, Review Plus, and Patient Plus)
  • Non-patient initiated texts can be configured. This is helpful if you’d like to promote texting your custom number in marketing materials or to have potential patients reach out to you directly (a new patient chart/conversation will be created). It is recommended to have Conversations for this feature to be enabled.

How to Add a Custom Number to zHealth

As an added service for a monthly fee, you are able to customize your ‘sender’ number to be a verified landline number (this will NOT work for a mobile, VOIP, or number that already sends SMS/MMS messages). Some clinics use their landline office number, some use a landline number with the same area code as the clinic, and some use a fax line. Please reach out to support or your Customer Success Specialist to learn more or see if your number qualifies.

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