Adding Supplement Details To Your Account

Adding Supplement Details To Your Account

Some facilities sell nutritional supplements as part of their practices. Users with Admin Access can add supplements to their account to aid in efficiency when creating new invoices.

A. Adding Supplement To Your Account - Watch Video Tutorial

B. Adding Supplement To Your Account - Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Access your zHealth Dashboard. Hover the cursor over to your name. A drop-down menu will open.

Click on - Update Info - from the drop-down menu.

2. In the Update Info window, click on the fifth tab - Supplements.

3. There are two ways to add Supplements to your zHealth account:

Import Supplements file from your system
b. Add Supplements one by one

A.  Add Supplements one by one

1. Adding Supplements one by one When you click the ‘Add Supplements’ button, a pop-up window will open. Fill in the following details to add the desired Supplement to your facility account:
a. Enter Supplement Description
b. Enter Supplement Code
c. From the dropdown, select ‘Place of Service’*
d. Enter the Supplement Price**
e. Enter the recommended quantity for the supplement.
f. Click the checkbox to identify if the supplement is taxable.
g. Click ‘Add’ to add the Supplement
Notes: *Place of Service should always be 11. It indicates Office/Clinic.

**Supplement Price should always be a number without $ sign in the values.

B. Import Supplements file from your system

1. Importing Supplements file
When you click on the ‘Import Supplements’ button, a pop-up window will open.

Click Browse and select a .csv file containing lists of Supplements you provide to patients at your facility. Click "Save".
Note: The format of the file should be Supplement Code, Supplement Description, Price, Place Of Service, Taxable (true/false).

C. Add Supplies using zHealth Supplies List

1. To make it easier for facilities, zHealth has provided a list of supplements that you can download and edit for your facility.

Click on the ‘Import Supplements’ button on the Supplements page, a pop-up window will open.

a. Click on the link provided for downloading the Supplements file to your system. Edit the file on your system as per your needs.

b. Upload the edited file by clicking ‘Browse’.

c. Click ‘Save.’

Once your supplements are added, this is how it will show under Facility > Supplements.

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