Appointment Audit Trail

Appointment Audit Trail

As appointments move through their lifecycle, your practice may need to see past, upcoming, and missed/cancelled appointments for different patients. Appointment Audit Trail records past appointments, upcoming appointments, and missed/cancelled/rescheduled appointments. You will be able to view when an appointment is added or cancelled or when the patient has scheduled his or her next appointment or when the patient last visited your clinic. The audit trail also includes appointment types and statuses, provider name and some other details specific to the appointment.

1. How to view an appointment audit trail of a patient - Watch video tutorial

2. How to view an appointment audit trail of a patient - Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Search for the patient name and open the Patient Chart. Once you open the chart, click on "More" right in front of "Next Appointment" at the top as shown here. A pop-up window opens.

2. You will see the following details for appointments:
(i). Past Appointments
(ii). Upcoming Appointments
(iii). Cancelled/Missed Appointments

3. Click the Past Appointments to view these details:
a. Past Appointment Date & Time
b. Appointment Type
c. Provider Name
d. Facility Name
e. Sort by Appointment Type or Sort by Date (When you click "Sort by Appointment Type", the button changes to "Sort by Date". Use the buttons to sort by type or date)

4. Click the Upcoming Appointments to view these details:
a. Upcoming Appointment Day, Date & Time (Ex. Fri Sep 29, 2023 at 9:30 AM)
b. Appointment Type
c. Provider Name
d. Facility Name
e. Actions - Delete or Edit

Edit - When you click the "edit" icon for any upcoming appointment, you will be redirected to the rescheduling window where you can change provider, appointment date and time, appointment option, appointment duration, and other details. (Check the second screenshot).

DeleteWhen you click the "delete" icon for any upcoming appointment, you will get a pop-up message to confirm if you want to delete the appointment.

Note: When a note is created for an upcoming appointment, you won't be able to delete the appointment using the Delete icon in the Next Appointment window.

In case of recurring appointments, you can either select "Delete this appointment only" or "Delete this and all the future appointments". Provide the reason for cancelling the appointment(s) and the appointment will be deleted. (Check the third screenshot).

In case of a single future appointment, provide the reason for deleting the appointment and click OK. 
(Check the third screenshot).

5. Click the Missed/Cancelled/Rescheduled Appointments to view these details:
a. Missed/Cancelled Appointment Date & Time
b. Facility Name
c. Appointment Status Provider Name
d. Cancelled/Rescheduled Reason

6. To view the Appointment Audit Trail, click the three lines at the top of the pop-up window. Another pop-up window opens.

 Next, you will be able to view the changes or updates made to each Appointment for that patient along with dates and provider name.

You can view all types of appointments under the Audit Trail including appointments booked online, appointments deleted, added by provider or staff, etc.

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