Day Sheet Report

Day Sheet Report

This report provides a summary of the amount charged to each patient by a provider for different CPT and diagnoses codes on a given day.

Why you need it?

Use this report to get a quick overview of amount a provider charged to all patients on a given day. 

1. To get started, login to your account at

Once you’re logged in, you will see your name at the top right corner.

Hover the cursor over to your name. A drop-down menu will open.

2. From the dropdown list, click on the 8th option - Reports.

3. On the Reports window, scroll down to the Charges Reports section. Click on the Day Sheet option. A pop-up window will open.

4. Select the date. Then click 'Generate Report'.

5. This is how the day sheet charges report will look like.

Column Field Descriptions:

Field Name



The date of service listed in the patient's note


The time of service listed in the patient's note

Patient Name

It shows the name of the patients who have an appointment scheduled

 Patient Type
 It shows the type of patient, such as insurance, cash, personal injury, etc.


The ICD-10 code(s) the provider has identified as the treating diagnosis

Service Code

The CPT Code(s) associated with the procedure(s) performed

Diagnosis Pointers
Diagnosis code pointers indicate the appropriate order of importance in relation to the service being performed


The modifiers used with each CPT code


The number of CPT code units billed


It's the total invoice amount

Note: You will be able to view all the above details for each provider in your facility.

For additional help finding a report or data you are looking for, try our 'Reporting Matrix'.

Click the attachment to view a sample of the Day Sheet Report.

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