Enabling Patient Self Check-In

Enabling Patient Self Check-In

Something that comes up regularly is facilities and providers who want to allow their patients to self check-in when they arrive for their visit. If your facility has turned this feature on, you would require a kiosk stand with a computer or tablet to enable your patients to self check-in.

Note : If you want to turn on the patient self check-in feature for your facility, please contact your Customer Success Specialist or email us at support@zhealthehr.com .

Here’s how to get it all set up.

1. On your kiosk tablet/computer, open Chrome browser and copy and paste our URL -  www.zhealthehr.com . Then click enter.

The default username and password are available under your zHealth account > Update Info > Facility > Facility Details
* Note : The default username and password are available under your zHealth account > Update Info > Facility > Facility Details.

2. Once you're logged in, select your Facility from the drop-down if you've more than one facility. The window will refresh.

3. The Patient Self Check-in screen opens. Every time a patient comes in, ask the patient  to enter their 10-digit phone number* that they have provided to your office.

Make sure every patient gets this screen to self check-in themselves.
*Note: Patients with phone numbers on the schedule for today will only be checked-in. If you allow walk-ins, contact your Customer Success Specialist so that phone numbers not only on the schedule for today will be options. 

4. The next step in the self check-in process is to add and confirm the signature.

The patient needs to click on "Your Signature" option. The page will refresh.
Note: The self check-in for minor patients should be 'Electronically signed by Guardian/Guarantor' rather than by the patient.

5a. The patient needs to enter his or her full name. The Signature style will appear automatically. They can click "Confirm and Sign" to proceed.

b. Or they can click "Change Style" to change the Signature style. They can select from three Signature Styles, click on one style, and click "Confirm and Sign."

6. Once they click "Confirm and Sign", they will redirected to the final step of the Signature process. Patient's Signature, name and date will appear on the screen. The patient needs to click on "Confirm Signature".

Changing Patient Self Check-in Password

1. If you want to change the password for the self check-in feature, you can do so by clicking on the down-arrow icon on the top right corner of the self check-in screen. Then click " Change Password ".

2. On the Change Password window, enter the following details:

a. Enter the 
old password which is zHealth330 .
b. Enter the  new password and then again enter the new password to confirm it.
c. Click Continue .

You will get a message - "
Password successfully updated ". Save the new password and use it to login to patient self check-in kiosk.

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