Find a claim

Find a claim

You can easily find any claim for a patient on zHealth to view it, edit it, or submit it. There are two ways to find a claim. The first one is through the Billing Center and the second one is through the Patient Chart page.


(i) How to find a claim in the Billing Center 

1. Go to the top right corner of the zHealth application window, you will see Your Name (Provider Name). Hover the cursor over your name and a drop-down menu will open.

Click on - Billing Center. The Billing window will open.

2. By default, you will be able to see all recent invoices and their claim status. You can search for specific claims that are in various stages of the claims process.

3. In the search bar, you can choose to search by:
  1. Date of service from
  2. Date of service to
  3. Insurance name
  4. Patient type
  5. Click Search to find all claims

4. You can further narrow down the search results. You can choose to narrow down the search results by using these filters:
  1. Visit date
  2. Claim date
  3. Patient Name
  4. Invoice
  5. Patient paid
  6. Insurance paid
  7. Dis
  8. PR
  9. IR
  10. Balance
  11. Claim Active Status
  12. Invoice Status

5. Once you find the claims you were looking for, click on one of the options under the ‘Actions’ depending on whether you want to edit or submit a claim or view a claim invoice. You can:
  1. Check Invoice Details
  2. Edit Primary Claim
  3. Edit Claim Status
  4. Download EDI 837
  5. Submit a Claim
  6. Delete a Claim
  7. Check Errors
  8. View Claim Audit

(ii) Find a claim through Patient Chart Page

1. Navigate to the Patient Chart. Click on the Patient Billing tab to view all claims associated with the patient.

All claims associated with this patient will be shown in a new window. You can view the Invoice details, or Submit a Claim from here.

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