How to Add a Membership Plan to a Patient's Account, Make Payment, and Delete the Plan

How to Add a Membership Plan to a Patient's Account, Make Payment, and Delete the Plan

A membership is a special type of offering that provides your patients with visits without the hassle of billing and collecting money each time. zHealth empowers chiropractic practices to provide membership plans to patients through our chiropractic software based on a number of visits. You can add a Membership Plan and Credit Card details (if you have zHealth Pay) to the Patient Profile page through the Memberships and Contact Details tabs respectively. zHealth also supports multiple active memberships for a patient. If you have any questions, please email us at

Adding a Membership Plan to a Patient's Profile involves two steps:

Selecting a Membership Plan
B. Adding the Payment Details

You can only delete a membership plan from the patient's account if it is not associated with any invoice/visit. Check point D for more information.

A. Selecting a Membership Plan

1. Enter the first or last name of the patient on the top navigation search box. Click the 'Search' icon.

2. Click on the patient name from the Patient Search Results. The Patient's Profile page opens.

3. On the Patient's Profile page, click 'Memberships'.

4. On the Memberships tab, click 'Add Membership.' A pop-up window opens.

5. To add a new membership plan to the Patient Profile:

a. Select the
Membership Plan from the dropdown menu. As you select the plan, the number of visits, payment to be charged, payment schedule, and payment start date will get auto-populated.

Note: The Date at the top shows the current date and time when you're adding the Membership plan to the patient's account. The Payment 
Start Date is the date when you add the Membership Plan to the Patient's Profile. Payment Start Date is automatically populated as the current date. Change it if required.

6. Next, select the following items:

a. Frequency
- Use the Frequency column to specify how often your patient will be invoiced, such as Every 2 Days, Every 2 Weeks, Every 4 Months, etc.
b. Ends - It determines for how long the Membership Plan is valid for. Select "On" if you want to set a date for the expiry of the membership plan. Select "Never" if you want the plan to continue for as long as the patient is with your practice. Select "After" if you want to specify that the plan will expire after a certain number of invoices. If you select Ends "On", a date column will appear. Select the date when the membership expires.
For example: If you selected "Every 2 weeks" as Frequency and the plan ends on a certain date in the future, then our system will bill the patient every 2 weeks for the date you set as End Date. Or for instance, if you selected "Every 2 weeks" as Frequency and the plan ends after 5 invoices, then our system will bill the patient every 2 weeks for the next five invoices.

7. Click "Save and Next" to add the details.

B. Selecting Payment Method for the Membership Plan

1. Once you have added the membership plan details, you need to select the Membership Payment Method. There are two ways to do so:
(i) Using zHealth Pay
(ii) Adding a New Credit Card

1 (i). Collecting Membership Payment using zHealth Pay

a. If you're a zHealth Pay user, payments can be scheduled to automatically process a card on file via zHealth Pay.
- Click the checkbox to select zHealth Pay as the payment method.
- Click on "Charge Credit Card number xxxx....xxxx" being displayed below the zHealth Pay option. Our system will use that credit card on the patient's file to collect membership payments using zHealth Pay. Or you can "Add New Credit Card" with card number and expiry date details and use that to collect payment through NCMIC or zHealth Pay.

Note: If you're not a user of our zHealth Pay Payment Processing Solution and want to know more about it, contact your Customer Success Specialist or email us at

b. Click to select the checkbox for sending an email receipt to the email address on file.

c. Click "Save and Finish" to complete the process.

2. If you don't want to charge any credit card stored in the system and instead collect cash or some other payment method, then click to select "Do Not Charge Any Credit Card On File". 

Click to select the checkbox for sending an email receipt to the email address on file.

Click "
Save and Finish" to complete the process.

3. Once you add the payment details, you will be able to see the following details for a Membership Plan added to the patient file:
  1. Plan Name
  2. Plan Type
  3. Start Date
  4. Number of Visits Allowed
  5. The plan ends on
  6. Plan Amount
  7. Total Charged
  8. Total Paid by the Patient
  9. Status - Active or Inactive
  10. Under Edit, you will have "Edit" icon and "Delete" icon.

4. If you would like to make payment for an active membership plan, click on the "Edit" icon. You will be redirected to the membership details page.

Under Payment Method, you can click to change payment method. For instance, if you want to charge a different credit card on file, you can click to select that card. If you don't want to charge any credit card on file, you can select that option.

Once you select the payment method, make payment from this page. Click on the green colored "
Make Payment" button. A pop-up window will open.

You can enter the Amount, select Payment Date and Paid By, and choose from Payment Type such as Cash, Credit, Check, Gift Card, or zHealth Pay*. Add Check or Note if applicable. Then click "
Add" to add the payment to the membership.

You can even make a refund. Again, enter the Amount you want to refund, select Date, Paid by, and Payment Type as Refund. Click "Add". The amount will be refunded to the patient.

*Note: If the membership payment has been paid via zHealth Pay, you will be able to see the Payment Type as ZH-PAY along with the Transaction ID in brackets. You can look up this Transaction ID using the zHealth Pay Advanced Transaction Search Report to get more details about the transaction made, such as transaction date, funding date, name and last 4 digits of the person for this transaction.

C. How Invoices Show That a Visit is a Part of the Membership Plan

When a patient avails a Membership Plan and pays the amount, the Invoice tab under the SOAP Note section will show that the visit is a part of membership as shown here. You can click to select another active Membership plan from the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen.

D. Delete a Membership Plan from the Patient's Account

1. If the Membership Plan is already associated with an invoice or claim, then you can't delete the plan. If it is NOT, then you delete it:

a. Click the "Delete" button under "Edit" option as shown here.

b. Then click to select "Yes" to delete the membership. 

E. Reviewing the Membership Audit Trail

1. On the Patient Chart, click Memberships tab. Then find the Membership Plan for which you want to view the Audit Trail. Click the "Edit" icon as shown here.

2. Inside the specific Membership Edit window, scroll down and click the "Check Audit" icon as shown here.

3. The Membership Audit Trail window shows the following details:

  1. Appt Date & Time
  2. Appt Type
  3. Provider Name
  4. Facility name
Note: If two appointments of a patient are part of the same invoice, they will be displayed in a single row, as they are considered a single visit.

F. Changing the Amount of an Existing Membership Plan

1. If you would like to edit the amount of an existing membership plan, click on the "Edit" icon. You will be redirected to the membership details page.

2. On the Membership Details page, click the edit icon as shown in the first screenshot. Once you click that icon, the Amount field becomes active and you can edit the amount.

Enter the new amount and click Save.

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