How to Connect zHealth Pay Terminal via Bluetooth

How to Connect zHealth Pay Terminal via Bluetooth

zHealth Pay Terminal may be connected via USB or Bluetooth to a PC or Mac either by simply plugging the device into a USB port or by pairing the device manually via the appropriate Bluetooth interface, respectively. The process of connecting zHealth Pay Terminal (or Reader) via Bluetooth is quick and simple. Before you get started you will need:

  • Your zHealth Pay Terminal
  • The serial number of the terminal. It is 15-digit alpha-numeric number that looks like this - CHB202022001234
  • Ethernet and/or USA cable for charging the reader
  • Power connection

1. Watch Video Tutorial

2. Check Out Step-by-Step Instructions to Connect zHealth Pay Reader via Bluetooth:

1. Make sure the reader is unplugged from the computer (or the computer that has the Cloud Bridge app installed).

Find the bluetooth settings on your Mac or PC. Click to add a new device. 

The name of the reader shown here in the image is your serial number. The serial number can be found on the back of your reader.

2. Once you connect, you will receive a confirmation code. Click connect. You should see on the app that the device is connected. You can now accept payments like you normally would.

Important Notes:

1. As long as the computer with the Cloud Bridge software is running and has the Cloud Bridge app open, you can initiate payment from any zHealth Portal.

2. Don't forget to charge the reader if you don't have it plugged in. The reader can be plugged into the wall or a computer that doesn't have the Cloud Bridge app. The reader is either connected via USB plug or bluetooth, but can't be both. So, if you plug it into your computer that has the app, it will default to using the USB cable. The charge can last for a couple of days, but don’t be caught off guard when you need to process payment and there is no power.

3. If you want to use bluetooth, our recommendation is to plug it into an area close to the front desk or checkout (such as a wall outlet). That way, it will be charging while you can accept payments easily. You may use a standard USB cable to charge the reader using a wall outlet.

4. For bluetooth, sometimes Windows PC shows two icons for the device - BT Classic (single icon) and BLE (double icon). It is recommended to use only BT Classic (single icon) to connect.

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