How to Print or Email Invoice to the Patient

How to Print or Email Invoice to the Patient

Through zHealth, you can quickly print or email invoice to your patient. This helps to streamline patient billing cycle and increase your patient collections as patients can view what they paid and what they need to pay you. Whether you print and email the invoice to the patient, both forms will have the same details.

A. Print Invoice

1. Once the invoice for a patient visit is ready, click the "Print" button as shown here.

2. A pop-up window opens. The Invoice pop-up screen shows the following details:

a. Your facility logo at the top center (only if provided)
b. Facility Name, NPI, EIN, and address
c. Invoice date and number
d. Invoice is billed to whom (patient name)
e. Provider name, NPI, and license number
f. Insurance coverage details (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary insurance name and numebr)
g. ICD-10 codes and their description
h. CPT codes, description, and amount
i. Record of payments, including date, mode, detail, write-off, and amount paid
j. Balance due amount (patient and insurance balances in case of insurance patient types)
k. *Billing contact email and phone number
l. *Billing notes (if any)
m. **Next Appointment Details, including appointment type, provider name, appointment day, date, and time.

Click the Print icon at the top right corner of the pop-up window. Follow your system's print prompt to print out the invoice.
*Note 1: Billing contacts details including phone number and email will be shown at the bottom of the Invoice only if you have added these details under Update Info > Facility Details. Billing Note will be shown only if you have added any note to the Update Info > Facility Details > Billing Statement/Invoice Note box.
**Note 2: If there are no available future appointments, the "Next Appointment" note at the bottom of the invoice will show "No future appointments".
Note 3: If you don't want Facility EIN and NPI number and provider NPI number to be printed on the invoice, contact our customer support team to disable this for you.

3. This is how the printed format of the Invoice would look like.
Note: Please ensure to enable "Background Graphics" in the print pop-up window's More Settings to display all colors on the printed invoice.

B. Email Invoice to the Patient

1. Once the invoice for a patient visit is ready, click the "Email" button as shown here. After you click the Email button, you will get a message "Invoice has been sent to the patient."
Note: Make sure you have added email address in the Patient's  > Contact Details > Personal Information.

2. The patient will receive an email stating that your facility has sent an invoice. The Invoice comes as a PDF attachment* which they can view easily. 

The invoice received by the patient will have the following details:
  1. Date of Service
  2. Patient Name
  3. Provider Name
  4. Facility Address
  5. Facility Phone Number
  6. Service Details
  7. Charges
*Note: The emailed invoices currently feature our old design. We're diligently working on upgrading it to our new design for a smoother experience on your end. Till then stay tuned!

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