How to Process Single and Recurring Membership Payments using zHealth Pay

How to Process Single and Recurring Membership Payments using zHealth Pay

With zHealth Pay, it's quick and easy to start collecting payments for your *membership plans. We make it easy to process payments. From simple one-time membership payments all the way to recurring payments**, zHealth Pay has got you covered. Here is how you can do it.

*Note 1: Memberships is an add-on package. Contact your Customer Success Specialist if you want to turn on this feature for your facility. Or send an email to
**Note 2: In the event of a recurring membership payment falling on either a leap year or a month with 31 days, the system will automatically select the last day of the next month. In the case of February, specifically on leap years, the payment will be scheduled for the 28th of February in the subsequent year to accommodate the variation in the number of days in the month. This ensures accurate and consistent payment processing for your valued members.

1. Access your zHealth dashboard. Enter the first or last name of the patient on the top navigation search box. Click to select a patient from the auto-populated search results. The Patient's Chart page opens.

2. On the Patient Chart page, click "Memberships". If a membership plan is already added to the patient's account and it is active, click "Edit". If not, click here to know how to add membership plan to the patient account.

3. On the Membership Plan page, you can make payments. If you want to schedule recurring payment for the plan, click the checkbox to select "Recurring Payment." If it's a single one-time payment, uncheck the box for Recurring Payment. Then click "Make Payment" as shown here. A pop-up window opens.

4. On the Membership Payment window, enter the following details to proceed:

a. Enter amount
b. Date and Paid By will be selected by default.
c. Select Payment Type 
Based on the Payment Type you choose, the payment process will be different. Check the next steps to proceed.

5a. If you choose zH-EPay, a new window will open where you can enter patient's credit card number, card expiration date, and CVV number. Click "Submit" to proceed. zHealth Pay will process this payment to your account.

5b. If you choose zHealth Payment Terminal, it will initiate the payment process. Click "Initiate Payment" to proceed. zHealth Pay will process the payment to your account.

5c. If you choose the saved credit card to charge the patient for the membership plan, then select the saved card and click "Add". zHealth Pay will process this payment to your account.

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