How to Sign Up for ERA for an Insurance Company

How to Sign Up for ERA for an Insurance Company

Some payors require providers to pre-enroll in order to activate Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/835). Our clearinghouse partner - Office Ally provides pre-enrollment forms to help you sign up for ERAs for insurance companies, pre-filled with Office Ally’s information where ever required. 

If you want to submit claims electronically to an insurance company and receive an ERA for that claim, you will need to complete the ERA enrollment process.

Click on the link here to visit the Office Ally website for ERA enrollment for an insurance company. This is what you will see.

All electronic remittance advice (ERA/835) forms are sorted alphabetically. Click on any alphabet to view the list of insurance companies.

Click on the name of the insurance company you want to sign up for. A new tab will open with the ERA enrollment instructions.

Consider you clicked on ‘G’ and got a list of insurance payors. You clicked on Gateway Health Plan - Medicare Assured This is how the ERA enrollment instruction form will look like for Gateway Health Plan - Medicare Assured.

Read the instructions carefully. It will tell you:
  1. How to fill the form
  2. Where to send the form
  3. How to check the status of ERA enrollment
  4. What is the turnaround time

Once you have completed all the instructions, you have successfully signed up for ERA enrollment for the insurance company you want to send electronic claims and receive ERAs.

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