How to Update Patient’s Visit Count

How to Update Patient’s Visit Count

There are certain insurance companies that allow a specific number of visit counts for each patient. If you have regular patients who visit your practice often, you must update the visit count in the patient profile to ensure you bill insurance companies for the total visits it allows. Follow these steps on how to update a patient's visit count.

1. Enter the first or last name of the patient in the Search box at the top of the navigation bar on the zHealthEHR dashboard. Click Enter.

2. Click on the desired patient name to edit information. The Patient’s Profile will open.

3. You will be at the Summary section of the patient profile. Just below the Summary, there is an option - Update Visit Count. Click on it. A pop-up window will open.

4a. Visit Count: This changes automatically or the clinic can change it.
4b. Total Visits Allowed: You can enter the total number of visits allowed in a year based on the insurance, membership plan, or any other reason.

5. Last Visit Counter Reset Date: This is either populated from the Automatic Reset Counter date or month or the clinic can manually change it to track.

To set the
Last Visit Counter Date, click on the calendar. Choose the date from the calendar. 

6. To Automatically Reset Counter, either select "Day of the Month" or "Date". From the dropdown, select the Day of Month when you want to reset the visit date on a particular day of the month. Or click the radio button for "Date" and select date for automatic reset counter. 

On the date or day of the month chosen, the visit count will reset to 0 and the date will populate "Last Visit Counter Date". All fields can be manually overridden.

7. Click ‘Confirm’ to save the details.

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