How to Upload Patient's Past Notes

How to Upload Patient's Past Notes

If you have patient’s past notes like XRay files, scanned copy of SOAP notes, medical records, or other documents, you can upload them to zHealth. You can upload past notes to a patient profile and access and edit them. Follow the steps on how to upload a patient’s past notes.

1. Enter the first or last name of the patient in the Search box at the top of the navigation bar on zHealthEHR dashboard. Click Enter.

2. Click on the desired patient name to edit information. The Patient’s Profile will open.

3. On the Profile window, click on the second option - Past Notes.

4. Click ‘Upload Note’ at the right side of the Past Note screen.
Note: You can upload a .dcm .dicom .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .pdf file for upload. 5 MB limit per file.

5. Enter the description for the past note. What type of note it is.

6. From the dropdown, select the type of past note. You can choose one of the following note types: 
- X-Rays
- Scans
- Insurance Cards
- Consent Forms
- Patient image/profile pic
- Medical Records
- Identification Documents
- Billing Reports
- Visit Records
- Others

7. From the Calendar, select the past date when the past note was created.

8. Enter the location name where the past note was created.

9. Click ‘Browse’ to browse the required file from your computer.

10. Click ‘Save’ to save and upload the past note to the patient profile.

11. The uploaded past note will appear at the top in the Past Notes section.

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