How to Upload Patient's Profile Image

How to Upload Patient's Profile Image

Easily associate patients with their record by uploading a profile photo. With this functionality, you can upload add an image in the format of GIF, JPG or PNG.

1. Enter the first or last name of the patient in the search box at the top of the navigation bar on the zHealthEHR dashboard. Click Enter.

2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's profile opens.

3. On the top left side of the patient's profile window, click on the blank photo next to the patient's name. The Upload a Patient Photo window opens.

4. Browse for a profile photo of the patient from your computer system or tablet. Select the photo you want to upload. The photo appears in the top left of the patient's chart

Note: Once a photo is added, it cannot be set back to blank. If you no longer want a patient photo, replace it with a blank image from your computer

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