How to Use the Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder (Coming Soon... beta available)

How to Use the Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder (Coming Soon... beta available)

If you are interested in testing out this new functionality, please reach out to your Customer Success Specialist or

zHealth’s Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder (SSSNB) gives you the ability to create your own custom SOAP note templates.

And here's how you can use the tool to build your SOAP note:

 To create different SOAP Sections like Subjective, Objective, Assessment, or Plan:

  • Click "Add Section" Button

 To create different templates under each Section:
First create a Section, then click "Add Template" button.

 To add elements to each Template, drag and drop form elements:

  • Labels
  • Button
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Radio
  • Record Box
  • Date Picker
  • On Off
  • Double Checkbox
  • Nested Element

1. Go to Customize Your SOAP Note Dashboard

To create a new SOAP note, head over to your Dashboard. Hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner. Click on "Customize SOAP Notes." You will be directed to a new tab for building your own SOAP note templates.

2. Add a New Section

To create a new SOAP Section, click "Add Section" button.

Give a name to the Section like Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan, or Exam. 

Once you name the Section and save it. Close the pop-up window.

3. Choose from two options

As soon as you name the Section, you will get two options to create your own Template:

a. Build a Template from Scratch

b. Build a Template using Pre-Built Templates

4. Build from Scratch

If you select "Build from Scratch", you will be redirected to Builder where you can:

a. Drag and drop form elements from the left panel to the blank space.
b. If you decide to use Pre-Built Templates, click the button at the top and choose your template to proceed.
c. You can Preview and Save the Template with the "Preview and Save Form" button.
d. To clear the entire form and start again, click "Clear All" at the top right corner.

5. Use Pre-Built Templates

If you want to use "Pre-Built Templates" at Step 4 above, you will be directed to this screen as shown here.

a. To view pre-built templates in each Section, click the options on the Left Panel
b. The corresponding templates available under each Section will be displayed on the right side.

Click on the Template to preview it. If you want to use any template, click "Load Template" at the bottom of the Preview screen.

Once you load a template, you will get a message "Template loaded successfully." Close the message box and you can see the pre-built template on the Builder Screen as shown in the third screenshot here.

6. To make changes to Sections or Templates

a. To rearrange a Section, edit the name, or delete a section, click the corresponding icons.

To preview the template, edit the template's form elements, delete a template, or rearrange the template order, click the corresponding icons.

By default, the first Template you will create under each Section will have the same name as your Section. To rename a template, click the "Pencil" icon as shown in the second screenshot here and edit the Template name to something like "Vitals", "Neuro Exam", etc.

Note 1: If the Section created by a clinic is mapped, it will show a different pop-up for the mapped Sections. And, when deleted, it will be unmapped from the organization and from the frontdesk as well.

Note 2: If you have unsigned Notes, you will get an alert message like this in SOAP Builder Dashboard "ALERT: There still are 3 unsigned notes, please sign them to continue finalizing your SOAP customization!" Click the button "Sign Open Notes" to sign the notes.