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Known Issues

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zHealth Pay
If a connection from the terminal to the bank is momentarily disconnected (Internet, bluetooth, Web Socket) the patient's payment may go through even though the transaction is not logged in the software.
Check the ProPay transaction report to see if the charge for the patient or the amount went through. If so, manually note it in the payment area or contact support and we'll map it to the area where you took payment. 
MergeMemberships & Conversations do not merge at this timeDon't do a merge and just delete the second account or add the membership (membership, payments, visits) back after the merge. There is no real workaround for Conversations other than screenshot the Conversation and upload to the past notes.
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Split ERAsMultiple ERAs that come back for one claim (different CPTs being paid) only calculates that latest or whichever is updated last on the invoice. zHealth is expecting one era per claim.Close without applying the claim/CPT and add them manually as an EOB. From there you can take the appropriate action.
On the roadmap
EOB PostingWhile searching patients and selecting patients to post EOB payments, only the patients of the page you are on will show/display to post paymentsOnce in the EOB, you can add additional payments and DOS.
Not a priority
Pain Diagram
When printing multiple notes with Pain Diagram, the Pain Diagram prints less and less
Print one or two notes at a time or remove Pain Diagram from print option (contact zHealth support)
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