Membership Summary Report

Membership Summary Report

This report provides a detailed overview of membership plans, charges, and amount paid by patients in your facility.

1. Access your zHealth dashboard. Hover the cursor over to your name. A drop-down menu will open.

From the dropdown list, click on the option - Reports.

2. On the Reports window, go to the Batch Reports section on the left side of the screen. Click on Membership Summary Report. A pop-up window will open.

3. Enter the following details to generate a detailed payment report:
a. Select date
b. Then click '
Generate Report'.

4. You can download your Membership Summary Report from the "Message Center". Click the 'Message' icon on the top navigation bar. Then click the download link as shown here.

5. The Membership Summary Report will provide insights on the:
  1. Service Location ID and Practice Name
  2. Plan ID, Plan Name, Plan Type, and Number of Visits
  3. Membership Charge and Amount Paid
  4. Number of Unique Patients who bought the membership plan.
  5. Number of Payments

Column Field Descriptions:

Field Name


Service Location ID

This is a system generated unique identification number assigned to your facility

Practice Name

The facility name where services took place

 Plan ID
 This is a system generated unique identification number for the membership plan created by your practice

Plan Name

The name of the membership plan taken by patients

Plan Type

This field tells you if the membership plan is a monthly plan (M) or one-time plan (O)

Number of Visits

The number of visits allowed as per the membership plan

Membership Charge

The price of the membership plan

Amount Paid

The amount paid by the patients for the plan

Number of Unique Patients (bought membership)

The unique number of patients who bought the given membership plan

Number of Payments
 The number of payments received from patients for the given membership package.

For additional help finding a report or data you are looking for, try our 'Reporting Matrix'.
Click the attachment to view a sample of the Membership Summary Report.

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