Navigate Patient Communication Audit Trail

Navigate Patient Communication Audit Trail

zHealthEHR automates the patient communication process for your practice if you use our Appointment Portal and Patient Portal or Review Plus and Patient Plus add-ons. The following items will show on the communication audit trail:

  1. Emailed appointments reminders and confirmations
  2. Text reminders
  3. Emailed invoices
  4. Emailed Lifestyle documents, and
  5. Emailed Billing Statements
The  Automated Patient Communications  feature saves you time and increases your practice's income by sending automated appointment reminders, survey requests and patient recall messages via email and text message. In order for a patient to receive communications:
  • Automated patient communication check boxes must be set on the patient's Profile > Contact Details page.
  • Messages are sent to the email address and mobile phone number entered correctly on the patient's Profile > Contact Details page.

1. Navigate to the Patient Chart. You will be at the Summary section of the patient profile. Click on the third tab - Contact Details.

2. Enter or verify the patient's phone numbers and email address. The patient will receive reminders and communication messages to this number and email.

If you want to send appointment reminders to the patient, make sure at least one of the checkboxes for Text and Email are ticked under the Appointment Notifications/Reminders section under Contact Details.

If you make any changes, make sure to click 'Save'.

3. To view communication messages sent to the patient till now, click the 'Message' icon just in front of the Patient Name at the top left corner of the page. A pop-up window will open.

8. The Communication Audit Trail provides information about communication messages sent date, patient email address/phone number, and type of communication (email or text). To view the communication message sent to the patient, click the 'eye' icon.

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