Outstanding Claims Report

Outstanding Claims Report

The Outstanding Claims Report provides a detailed view of all the claims that have pending insurance or patient payments. The report helps you keep track of all the outstanding claims

1. Access your zHealth dashboard. Hover the cursor over to your name. A drop-down menu will open.

From the dropdown list, click on the option - Reports.

2. On the Reports window, go to the Batch Reports section on the left side of the screen. Click on Outstanding Claims Report

3. The report will be generated automatically. Click the "Message Center" link to access the generated report.

4. You will be redirected to the Message Center. Click the "Download" link to download your Outstanding Claims Report to your system.

6. Once you download the report to your system, click to open it. Here is how the report will look like. It provides insights into:
  1. Patient Name
  2. Date of Service
  3. CPT Codes
  4. Diagnosis Pointers
  5. Total Amount Without Tax
  6. Total Amount with Tax
  7. Adjustments
  8. Amount Paid by Patient
  9. Amount Paid by Patient
  10. Total Due
  11. Amount To Be Paid by Patient
  12. Amount To Be Paid by Insurance

Column Field Descriptions:

Column Name
Patient First Name
This shows the first name of the patient
Patient Last Name
This shows the last name of the patient
Date of Service
The date when the service was rendered to the patient
CPT Codes
This column shows the CPT codes for the services rendered
Diagnosis Pointers
This column shows the diagnosis pointers 
Total Amount Without Tax
The total charge of the CPT codes without the tax
 Total Amount with Tax
 The total charge of all CPT codes with the added tax
The total adjustments made to the services
Amount Paid by Patient
The total amount paid by the insurance company for the service
Amount Paid by Insurance
 The total amount paid by the patient for the visit
 Total Due
 Total due amount for a given claim
 Amount to be paid by Patient
 Total due amount to be paid by the patient
 Amount to be paid by Insurance
 Total due amount to be paid by the insurance company

For additional help finding a report or data you are looking for, try our 'Reporting Matrix'.

Click the attachment to view a sample of the Outstanding Claims Report.

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