Patient Recall Report

Patient Recall Report

This report provides a detailed overview of patients who haven't visited your clinic for 3, 6 and 12+ months.

1. On your zHealth dashboard, hover the cursor over to your name on the top right corner. A drop-down menu will open.

2. From the dropdown list, click on the 8th option - Reports.

3. On the Reports window, go to the Batch Reports section on the left side of the screen. Click on Patient Recall Report. A pop-up window will open.

4. Our system will automatically generate the report. You will receive a notification once the report is generated and will be available in the Message Center. Click the 'Message' icon on the top navigation bar. Then click the download link as shown here.

6. The Patient Recall Report will provide insights on the:
  1. Inactive Periods in Months
  2. Patient MRN
  3. Patient Name
  4. Sex and Email
  5. DOB and Phone Number
  6. Last Visit Date
  7. Patient Type
  8. Address

Column Field Descriptions:

Field Name


Patient Show Up

Total number of months the patient has not visited your practice

Patient MRN
 This is a system generated unique Patient ID

Patient First and Last Name

The first and last name of the patient

 The gender/sex of the patient

Email Address

The email address of the patient

Birth Date
 The date of birth of the patient

Cell Number 

The cell number of the patient

Last Visit/Appointment Date

The last appointment date when the patient visited your clinic

Patient Type
 The type of the patient, such as Cash, Personal Injury, Insurance, etc.

Last Appointment Type

The last appointment type scheduled for the patient

Address Line 1 and Line 2 

The address of the patient

The state where the patient resides
Zip Code
The Zip Code of the patient's residence at the time of the last visit

For additional help finding a report or data you are looking for, try our 'Reporting Matrix'.

Click the attachment to view a sample of the Patient Recall Report.

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