SOAP Note Customization

SOAP Note Customization

zHealth can help you customize the SOAP Note & Intake screens. We can do most of the customizations if the following elements are involved:

  • Input box
  • Text area
  • Drop-downs
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes

We cannot customize any images like body/back/shoulder/spine images. We can add the existing body pain diagram to your package so that you can use that.


Where to Find SOAP Note Templates

1. To get started, log in to your account at

Once you’re logged in, you will see your name at the top right corner.

Hover the cursor over to your name. A drop-down menu will open.

2. Click on 'Standard Templates' from the drop-down menu.

3. There are five sections under the Standard Templates tab:

  1. Subjective - 4 Templates are available
  2. Objective - 9 Templates are available
  3. Assessment - 5 Templates are available
  4. Exam - 11 Templates are available
  5. Plan - 4 Templates are available
  6. Click on any section to view templates for that category.

4. Click on any Template to view the design.

Contact our customer support executive at and we will configure that template for your SOAP note section.

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