View zHealth Appointments in Your Google Calendar

View zHealth Appointments in Your Google Calendar

You can sync or integrate your zHealth appointments to your Google Calendar. This allows you to quickly see all zHealth appointments and your personal appointments in Google Calendar. Currently, this is a one way sync, meaning you can only sync your appointments from zHealth to Google Calendar.

If you have multiple providers in your practice, each provider needs to set-up their own Google Calendar sync. To turn on this feature for you and/or all your providers, please contact customer support team at

As detailed below it is important to note that this feature allows you to replicate your zHealth appointments in your Google Calendar. If you need to make changes to your appointments these changes should be made in zHealth, which will then automatically update your Google Calendar. 

In this help article:
  1. Prerequisites
  2. The integration process
  3. Frequently Asked Questions


All you'll need is an active Google account. Any Google account will work fine - either a personal account (Gmail account) or a business Google apps account. 

The zHealth Calendar-Google Calendar Integration Process

Contact our customer support team at to enable "Google Calendar Integration" feature for your account. If you have multiple providers, you can request the team to turn on this feature for all of them at the same time. Once the feature is active for your zHealth account, go ahead and follow the below steps to integrate zHealth Calendar with Google Calendar.
Note: To connect or integrate a zHealth account and Google Calendar, the user (usually a provider) needs to log in to their own account. It is not possible for office managers or other users to connect the provider's zHealth account and Google Calendar through their accounts.

1. On the zHealth Dashboard, hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner. Click "Update Info".

2. On the Update Info window, go to the Provider tab. Click the "Connect*" button.
*Note: You need to sign in to your Google Account to connect Google Calendar with zHealth. On clicking "Connect", you will be redirected to the Gmail sign-in page. Please wait for 15 to 20 seconds after you give the consent.

3. You will be redirected and asked to log in to your Google account. When asked, allow zHealth access to manage your calendars. Select your Google account to continue.

4. Next, on  the permissions page, click the checkbox to create a zHealth Calendar on your Google Calendar. Scroll down and click Continue.

You will return back to the Provider page. Refresh the Provider page by clicking on any tab and then again on the Provider tab. You will see the message "Your Google Calendar is Connected!" with a button to disconnect your calendar.

The zHealth Calendar is now synced* with Google Calendar. After the sync is completed, you will be able to view all future appointments on your Google Calendar.

When multiple providers try to use the same email address for syncing the Google Calendar with zHealth, you will get an error message saying - "Sorry, it seems this email ID is already in use. Please try again with another email ID." (Check the third screenshot).
Note: The time required for synchronization varies depending on the number of future appointments, typically taking a few minutes.

5. If you click the "Disconnect" button, your Google Calendar will be disconnected and you will no longer be able to view the zHealth appointments on your Google Calendar. However, you can later again connect zHealth and Google by clicking the "Connect" button.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take for changes made in zHealth to appear in Google?
Almost instantly. However, if the changes don't appear instantly, wait for a few seconds to minute and refresh the Google Calendar for the zHealth appointment changes to reflect on the Google Calendar.

2. What happens when I make a change to an appointment in zHealth Calendar?
All changes made to an appointment in zHealth, whether your rescheduled it or deleted the appointment, will be reflected in Google Calendar. Please note that any changes made to your appointments in Google Calendar will not get transferred to zHealth Calendar.

3. What appointments will show once I connect my zHealth calendar to my Google calendar?
Only new appointments created AFTER you've signed in to your Google account will show in the Google Calendar.

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