How to Download Billing Center Report

How to Download Billing Center Report

The Billing Center in zHealth helps providers and staff to view patients' billing, invoices, and claims. You can download the Billing Center report to get a list of invoices and claims with their statuses, patients' names, patient and insurance responsibilities, and other details. Here is how you can download the Billing Center Report.

1. Access your zHealth dashboard and hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner. Click on the fourth option - Billing Center

2. On the Billing Center tab, filter the claims and invoices based on the:

a. Date of service
b. Insurance company
c. Patient type
d. Click "Search"

3. Click the small "Download" icon on the top right side of the screen. You will receive a message a notification once the report is generated and will be available in Message Center.

4. Click the small "Message" icon on the top navigation bar. Click the "Download" link to download your Billing Center report as shown here.

Save the report in your system. The report will be saved in the .csv format.

5. The Billing Center Report provides details of:     
  1. Provider Name
  2. Facility Name
  3. Invoice ID
  4. Patient Name
  5. Patient DOB
  6. Visit date
  7. CPT Codes
  8. Diagnosis Pointers (A:B:C:D)
  9. Primary Claim Date
  10. Primary Insurance ID
  11. Primary Insurance Name
  12. Primary Claim Status
  13. Primary Claim Amount
  14. Secondary Claim Date
  15. Secondary Insurance ID
  16. Secondary Insurance Name
  17. Secondary Claim Status
  18. Co-Pay Payment Amount
  19. Patient Paid
  20. Insurance Paid
  21. Patient Responsibility
  22. Insurance Responsibility
  23. Balance
  24. Invoice Status
  25. Notes (if any)

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