How to Find Patient Record

How to Find Patient Record

There are two ways to search for a patient's record from the zHealth dashboard.

1. Watch Video Tutorial

2. Read Step-by-Step Instructions

A. Click the "Search" icon to view all patients 

1. On the top navigation bar, you will see a search box. Just click the "Search" icon, you will see a list of all patients in your practice.

2. The Patient Search Result page will show the following details:

a. Download All Patients: Click this button to download a .csv file containing brief details about all patients in your practice. Click 
here to learn more.
b. Show Inactive: Click the checkbox or uncheck it depending on whether you want the search results to show inactive patients or only active patients respectively.
c. Patient Lists and Details: This section shows the patient names, gender, date of birth, phone number, patient type, and active status. You can book an appointment directly by clicking the "Add Appointment" button under Actions. To send a text message to a specific patient, click the "Message" icon.
d. To view the previous or next patient list, click "Previous" or "Next" on the bottom right side of the screen.
e. Patient Chart Hyperlinks: Patient names are hyperlinked with individual patient charts so you can click the patient name and get quickly redirected to the Patient Chart.

B. Enter the first or last name of the patient

1. Enter the first or last name of the patient in the top navigation bar search box.

2. All the patients with the same first or last name will be displayed on the Patient Search Result page. The search results will show the same details as mentioned, including patient names, quick action buttons, message icon to start conversations, download all patient demographics, and more.

You can click to select a specific patient from the auto-populated results. The Patient's Chart page opens. 

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