Patient Chart Overview

Patient Chart Overview

The Patient Chart displays a summary of recently recorded visits, diagnosis, supplements recommended, past notes, contact details, insurance details, invoices, and much more. The Patient Chart also provides access to all the areas necessary for charting your patient's visits, setting up next appointments, configuring OA forms, generating billing statements, editing SOAP notes, as well as additional information associated with the patient.

1. Access Patient Chart
Enter the first or last name of the patient in the top navigation bar search box. Click Enter. Select the patient from the auto-populated results. The Patient's Chart page opens.

2. Navigate Patient Chart Page                                       
The Patient Chart page
 has the following sections and navigational aids:

a. Patient Details
b. Quick Action Buttons
c. Patient Chart Tabs
d. Add Appointment Button
e. Patient's Summary

3. Patient Details
On the top left corner of the Patient Chart, you can view the
patient's profile image , key demographics, cell phone number, quick buttons, balance, and more.

  1. The patient photo 
  2. You can view patient ID, patient name, patient type, date of birth, and sex.
  3. If there is any special note/comment associated with the patient, click the small 'flag' icon. The X-Ray button shows you all the X-Ray files of the patient and details like seen date, seen by, comments, and type of note, etc. The small 'message' icon shows Communication Audit Trail.
  4. If the cell phone number and mobile number are added to contact details, you can view it in the Patient Details area. For more information on past, upcoming, and cancelled/missed appointments, click the 'Next' link in front of "Next Appointment."
  5. You can quickly view Balance due on the patient's account and Credit available, Membership Balance of the patient if you're using Memberships feature, and name of primary and secondary insurances when you hover over the link.

4. Quick Action Buttons 
  1. New Note: Click to create a new note. Use this button when the patient just walks in and no prior appointment has been scheduled for the day. When you click the button, you will be prompted with a message that "There might be no visits for this patient or visit might be linked to a note already. Do you still want to create the note? It will create an appointment for today by default." Click 'Yes' only when you're sure because our system by default creates a note for all appointments scheduled in a day.
  2. Phone Note: Clicking this button allows you to create a simple phone note that you can fill out using your phone. You can quickly enter your phone note findings, create an invoice, and sign the phone note.
  3. Lifestyle: Clicking this button opens up a pop-up screen where you can add documents/PDF files for diet, nutrition, or exercise suggestions, email them to the patient, or print them and even view the lifestyle audits (what kind of lifestyle document you sent to the patient and when).
  4. Set Appointments: Click to schedule a recurring appointment for the patient if he or she requires ongoing visits.
  5. Configure OA/Form: Click to configure the Outcome Assessment (OA) form for the patient.
  6. Billing Statement: Click to generate a billing statement for the patient, print, or email it.
  7. *Add Follow-up: A follow-up with target date and reason can be easily set with this button.
  8. Send Patient Access: This button allows you to share access to the SOAP notes with the patient. This also allows the patient to update his or her contact information.
*Note: Alerts can be set up in the Provider tab.

5. Patient Chart Tabs 
  1. Click to access the patient's Summary, Past Notes, Contact Details, SOAP Notes, Patient Billing, Intake, OA, and Memberships.
  2. Summary: This tab provides an overview of all recent activities as well insurance details and additional information about the patient.
  3. Past Notes: This tab provides access to all the past notes created for the patient by multiple providers in your multiple facilities. You can view each past note with or without invoice. You can even upload a patient’s past notes like X-Ray files, scanned copy of SOAP notes, medical records, or other documents through this tab.
  4. Contact Details: This tab is extremely important for adding or updating up to date information about the patient's demographics, contact information, address, insurances, emergency contact, and credit card details.
  5. SOAP Note: This tab opens a recently created note. View the patient's exam, plan, daily note, invoice for the appointment, and other details depending on the SOAP note template your practice is using.
  6. Patient Billing: This tab provides details of invoices created for all visits. The Patient Billing tab provides a list of all invoices with dates, balances, types, claim statuses, notes (if any), insurance amount paid, patient paid amount, and more.
  7. Intake: View the patient's family history, social history, surgical history, medical history, consent forms, and initial complaint forms from the Intake tab.
  8. OA: If you've configured the OA form for the patient and requires the patient to fill it on every visit or during specific appointments, you can view the filled OA forms here.
  9. *Conversations: This tab has text message box that shows previous conversations with that patient as well as enable you to send messages directly to the patient. 
  10. *Memberships: Add membership plans to the patient's account or view active or inactive plans with details in this tab.

*Note: Membership and Conversation Tabs may not be able if you have not enabled these features for your  practice. Please contact your Customer Success Specialist if you'd like to learn more or turn on the Membership feature.

6. Add Appointment
This button provides an easy and convenient way to schedule the next appointment from the Patient's Chart page.

7. Patient's Summary                  
This section provides a summary of the recent notes, diagnoses, and supplements. You can also view insurance details and additional information associated with the patient.
  1. The first section on the left side of the screen shows visit counts. You can update visit counts easily. See how here. Below visit counts, you can view the last 5 visit notes with Edit buttons.
  2. The Last 10 Nutritional Supplements section shows up to 10 of the last supplements with dates from recent invoices (most recent will show on top) only showing if quantity>0.
  3. The Latest Diagnosis section shows diagnosis codes added from the last invoice/visit only (can't be blank).
  4. The Insurance section shows the name and plan ID of primary and secondary insurances if added to the patient's contact details.
  5. The Additional Information section shows any additional detail about the patient, preferences, interests, requests, etc. This is a large free form text field that opens an editable text box when it is clicked.

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