Switch to the New Online Appointment Portal

Switch to the New Online Appointment Portal

At zHealthEHR, we recently made some changes to the User Interface (UI) of the Online Appointment Portal. The new user interface is designed to enhance your patients' experience by streamlining the layout and the booking process. The new Online Appointment Portal looks cleaner and easier to navigate. The Home page and each module page now have a fresh look. Below is a rundown of what’s new.

A New and Improved Booking Page
We have redesigned the Online Appointment Booking Page from the ground up. The new design is more robust and more focused on your patients and your practice.

Appointment Category

Your appointment types (services) are now the focus of the Booking Page. It’s larger and more prominent. Each appointment type shows time, price, and description with the "
Book" buttons. Your patients will now instantly understand which appointment type they need to book.

Business Information 

The Business Information section on the Appointment Home page remains the same. It provides a summary of your practice address, business hours, phone number, facility'e email address, and website URL.

To update your facility address, business hours, phone number, and email address,
click Update Info > Facility > Facility Details

Staff Details

In the new design, your staff also have their own page, with larger photos and details about their schedule so patients can easily select a day and time of their choice and book an appointment.

New User Sign-in Page 

The new sign-in page requires patients (users) to choose a username and password for their account. 

a. If they are existing patients, they can enter their username and password and login to confirm the appointment (see the first image on the right side).

b. If they're a first-time user, they need to provide their name, gender, DOB, phone number, email along with username and password for moving forward with the appointment booking process (see the second image on the right side).

*We added this functionality to ensure patient data remains safe and secure and your practice remains HIPAA compliant.

Appointment Details Page

In the new Online Appointment interface, we kept the
Appointment Details page clutter-free, clean, and simple. We removed the business information section from the appointment details page and focused more on how your patients want to book an appointment. 

Add Card Details
In the New Appointment Portal, patients can add their credit card details when booking a new appointment. They can move to the Booking Confirmation page only when they add the card details.

Booking Confirmation Page

Now the Booking Confirmation page is simpler and provides a consistent user experience. The page now only features details about the appointment and patient along with a 
booking confirmation message.

Note: Online appointments are included in our "Advanced Package". If you would like to add the online appointment feature to your account, please reach out to support@zhealthehr.com or call 1-800-459-0302.

Comparing Old vs New User Interface of Our Online Appointment Portal

Page Name
Old Interface
New Interface
Home Page

Staff Details

Patient Details

Appointment Details

 Add Card Details
 There is no 'Add Credit Card' option available.

Booking Confirmation

Note: If you would like to switch to the new Online Appointment Portal, please reach out to support@zhealthehr.com or call 1-800-459-0302.

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