Transaction Lookup in zHealth Pay

Transaction Lookup in zHealth Pay

Every month, our zHealth Pay users are processing thousands of unique transactions. As a zHealth Pay user, you may want to quickly view the details of a transaction that was pending, in progress, failed, or successful. We've built a simple tool that makes it easier to figure out transaction details related to a payment taken via zHealth Pay, called Transaction Lookup. 

How It Works?
Clinics using zHealth Pay can easily see the transaction ID from the three zHealth Pay Reports, including zHealth Pay Sweep ReportzHealth Pay Transactions Report, and zHealth Pay Advanced Transaction Search Report. However, some cards don't provide the credit card holder's name and your clinic may want to see more details of what the charge was and who paid the amount. Using the Transaction Lookup tool, you can type the Transaction ID, and we'll instantly show you the name of the patient who paid you, as well as the exact date of service and amount of paid.

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2. Check out Step-by-Step Instructions

A. How to Find the Transaction ID

1. Access your zHealth Dashboard. Click on "Reports" from the drop-down menu. On the Reports window, scroll down to the bottom. Click on Transactions Report or Sweep Report or Advanced Transaction Search Report under zHealth Pay Reports section. Once you enter start date and end date and click Search, you will get the specific report. 

On the right side, we have shown three zHealth Pay Reports. The marked columns show the Transaction ID. You can copy any "Trans #" or "Transaction ID" and use the Transaction Lookup tool to get more details about the transaction.

2. Where is now a transaction ID behind any zHeatlh Pay payment whether it's for patient credit, invoice, or membership. Check the screenshots on the right side to know how you can locate Transaction ID on Invoice Payments, Patient Credit, and Membership Payment.

B. How to Use the Transaction Lookup Tool

1. Access your zHealth dashboard. Hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner. Click on "zHealth Pay".

2. On the zHealth Pay page, scroll down and you will find the Transaction Lookup tool. Enter the Transaction ID and click Enter.

3. You will get the following details for a given Transaction ID search:

  1. Patient Name
  2. Date of Service
  3. Paid For
  4. Amount Paid
  5. Payment Date
  6. Payment Method

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