How to View and Download Follow-up Tasks for All Patients

How to View and Download Follow-up Tasks for All Patients

zHealth allows providers to add a follow-up task to a patient's chart, such as collect co-pay amount on the next visit, confirm insurance details with the patient, etc. The follow-up tasks for all patients in your facility appears at the Flag button that can be easily accessed from the dashboard. Check out how to view completed and incomplete follow-up tasks and how you can download the follow-up tasks.

1. How to View and Download Follow-up Tasks for All Patients - Watch Video

2. How to View and Download Follow-up Tasks for All Patients - Step-by-Step Instructions

A. View the Follow-up Tasks

1. Access your zHealth dashboard. Click the small "Flag" icon on the top navigation bar.

2. On the Flag window, you will be able to view all the follow-up tasks that are yet to be completed.

3. If you want to view completed or admin only follow-up tasks, you need to:

a. Click the checkbox for "Show Completed Only" to view completed follow-up tasks.
b. Click the checkbox for "Admin Only" to view follow-up tasks that are available to administrators only.

4. The following items are displayed on the Follow-up Tasks window:

a. Patient Name with a hyperlink to the patient chart.
b. Reason for Follow-up
c. Target Date for the Follow-up
d. Added by; who added the follow-up task
e. Actions; click the "Done" button when the follow-up is complete.

B. Download the Follow-up List

1. To download all Follow-up Tasks, click the button - "Download All Follow-Up List".

2. The Follow-Up List Report will be generated and made available in the Message Center. Click the small "Message" icon on the top navigation bar. Click the "Download" link to download the report. Save the report in your system.

3. Once you download and save the report, here is how the Follow-up List Report will look like. 

The Report will show the following details:
a. Patient First Name
b. Patient Last Name
c. Reason for follow-up
d. Target date for the follow-up
e. Type of follow-up - Admin or Not
f. Added by 
g. Status - Completed or Not Completed
h. Completed by

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