What is Bulk Texting?

What is Bulk Texting?

What is Bulk Texting?

zHealth's Bulk Texting functionality is simple to use and allows you to send a personalized text message to your active patients (active patients with a mobile number added to their patient charts) at once. A simple text message can remind your patients about important changes, new services, membership plans, pricing changes, or updates about office closures or openings. 

Our bulk text messaging functionality is a 
"pay per text" feature. It is available to admin users. You can access the “Send Bulk Text” option from the top right side drop-down menu in your zHealth Dashboard. You can easily type the personalized message and send the text message in bulk to your active patients in your portal, right from your PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet computer.

The fee for sending a bulk text starts at $39 but varies based on the number of active patients and length of the message. Our system will display the "Fee to Send Message" based on the length of your text message and number of active patients you have in your clinic. If you agree to the fee displayed, then click the send message button and zHealth will automatically charge your credit card on file for the fee for sending a bulk message.

If you need help with Bulk Texting, please reach out to your Customer Success Specialist or send an email to support@zHealthEHR.com.

1. Bulk texts are sent from  415-980-1890 (the same number as appt reminders) and unless
you have a custom number enabled, then patients will not be able to reply
2. To remove anyone from getting a text, you can make the patient 'inactive' or remove their mobile number.

How to Send Bulk Text

zHealth Software built the ability to send bulk text messages to your active patients (active patients who have a mobile number added to their patient charts) within a portal. Bulk Texting is available to admin users under your User Name on the top right corner > Send Bulk Text.

Here is how you can send the bulk text to your active patients:

1. Access your zHealth Dashboard. Hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner and then click "Send Bulk Text" from the drop-down menu.

2. On the Bulk Text window, enter the following details to send a bulk message to active patients:

a. SMS Message - This is the space where you need to type your personalized message. Start typing your message and if you want to add a new line, click Enter/Return. Our Bulk Texting tool can handle line breaks properly.
b. Number of Patients* - This shows the total number of active patients who will be sent this text message.
c. Fee to send the message - Based on the characters in your text message, here you can view the fee to send the message.
d. Character count - It will display the total character count of the SMS message you typed in the box.
e. Cost per 160 characters - It will cost you $39 for 160 character message for one-time use.
f. Click the 
checkbox to agree with the term that zHealth can charge your credit card for the bulk SMS sent using our Bulk SMS feature.
g. Review the message and all the details and click "
Review and Send". By default, the message will be sent to active patients in your portal.
*Note: The bulk text will not be sent to the active patients who have replied "STOP" (or unsubscribed) to one of your previous text messages/reminders.  

3. Once you type the text, click the button "Review and Send". A pop-up window opens. If you're sure you want to send the bulk text to patients, click "Yes".

4. The page refreshes and a successful notification displays for both queuing and sending the text message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What phone number are Bulk texts sent from?
A: The default number bulk texts are sent from is 415-980-1890 which does NOT allow for replies.

There is an option to upgrade and have texts come from a custom landline numberhowever the number has to be a landline and NOT a mobile or VOIP number. For this option, a clinic will need to upgrade to Conversations so texts can be viewed within zHealth.