zHealth Onboarding Overview

zHealth Onboarding Overview

Welcome to zHealth! We’re thrilled to have you on board and look forward to our implementation and training meetings. We’d like to provide you with an overview of what the onboarding and support will consist of and some helpful resources.
The zHealth set-up process includes the creation of your own zHealthEHR portal, up to 6 60-minute training and onboarding calls (3 private and 3 group boot camps), clearing house integration (if submitting electronic claims), and patient and/or insurance imports (if applicable).
Set-up is also included for any additional paid services:
  1. Credit card processing integration (NCMIC or zHealthPay)
  2. Patient+ (texting recall)
  3. Review+ (texting review feedback)
  4. Managed Billing Services (revenue cycle management)
Training & Onboarding Calls
zHealth offers up to 6 60-minute virtual training sessions (3 private calls and 3 group boot camp calls) consisting of the following:
  1. Onboarding Call 1 - Private Call for Intro and Portal Set-up & Configuration. 
    1. In this call we will learn about your practice and cover some of the various portal settings (i.e. appointment types, patient types, whether or not you accept walk-ins, if you plan on importing patient demographics, etc.). If you’ll be submitting electronic claims through zHealth, we’ll also work on the configuration set-up and integration with our integrated clearing house, Office Ally. 
  2. Onboarding Call 2 - Group training call for scheduling & the patient chart. 
    1. This is a group training call and an ideal call to invite your staff. We’ll provide an overview of a patient booking an appointment, the check-in process, how the provider will go through SOAP notes, invoicing/billing, and checking out. We’ll provide an overview of all the tabs and features as well as answer any specific questions you have around scheduling, check-in, or patient charts.
  3. Onboarding Call 3 - Group training call for SOAP overview and invoicing/billing
    1. In this call, we’ll dive deeper into the SOAP notes tab including the invoicing and collecting patient payment option (insurance billing is a separate call). We’ll review how SOAP notes can be configured, how data can SALT over, managing templates, and creating ICD-10 and CPT favorites in the invoice section.
  4. Onboarding Call 4* - Group training call specifically for insurance billing. *Clinics not billing insurance can skip this call.
    1. Our insurance call is to review how insurance is added to the system and the patient's record, how to generate and submit claims to the clearing house, and post payments via EOBs and ERAs.
  5. Onboarding Call 5 - Private training session following 3 group calls. 
    1. This call can be for SOAP customizations, Managed Billing Services, Patient+, Review+, or any other questions or training needed specific to your practice or needs.
  6. Onboarding Call 6 - Private training session post “Go-Live”
    1. There may be additional questions once your clinic has gone live. We’d like to have a final call to make sure you are set up for success and to answer any questions you’ve come across. Don’t worry, we won’t be far and can be accessible via phone and email for the lift of your contract with us.
Ongoing Support
During your onboarding and even after you are an established customer, we’ll want to connect and make sure you are set up for success and all your questions are answered. Here are some additional resources available to you at any time.
  1. Immediate Help - We offer a toll free support number (1-800-459-0302) that calls our Customer Success Specialists during regular business hours from 9am ET to 7pm ET Monday through Friday.
  2. Email Support - Emailing support@zHealthEHR.com will open a ticket for our technical operations team to review your request. We will track the time the ticket was opened, our response time, and will learn from the analytics from the issue and resolution of the issue.

Additional Resources
In addition to your onboarding calls, a dedicated Customer Success Specialist, and ongoing support, there are a number of other resources available to all zHealth customers.
  1. Bi-monthly Newsletter - We’ll share recent zHealth updates and product enhancements so you are in the know. We’ll also let you know what we’re working on as well as tips and tricks.
  2. Customer Portal - Our customer portal allows customers to find help articles and videos, create tickets, ask/answer questions, and post, comment, and vote on ideas. The more you do, the more points you get and chance to win zHealth swag and various prizes and incentives!
    1. Ticketing System - Enter and view your support tickets.
    2. Knowledge Base - Read help articles and learn more about your zHealth portal
    3. Community
      1. Announcements - zHealth announcements and newsletters will be posted here.
      2. Questions - Not sure about something and don’t want to send an email or call? Post a question to zHealth and/or other customers!
      3. Ideas - Got a great idea for the solution? Post, read, and vote on ideas that would enhance our software.
  3. Customer Success - Each clinic is assigned to a Customer Success Specialist who is responsible for the engagement and success your account who can help with further training, workflow issues, product upgrades, or any escalations you need to bring to their attention.
A Few Training Resources To Get Started
  • We recommend watching this 30-minute demo overview of the software in anticipation of this first call: zHealth Demo
  • You may review further detailed training videos (2-5 minutes based on topic) located here: Training Videos
  • Our support center and knowledge base is a great training resource and is available 24/7.
General Guidelines Around Requests, Defects, and Customizations
zHealth specializes in state of the art Practice Management Software, training, and customer service at the best price possible. Our platform is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution built in the cloud that benefits all clients with a common code base. Customizations are supported for each facility’s unique SOAP notes and will be covered during implementation. There are also a number of custom settings (flags and fields) that we’ve built to differentiate each practice. The rest of the code in the platform is standard for all clients. New features and enhancements are typically released on a monthly basis and provided to all clients at no additional cost. Please report any bugs or defects to our team and we will do our best to fix those issues in a timely manner. We also welcome suggestions and feature requests that benefit our entire client base. zHealth maintains a year long round map and requests are reviewed and approved or denied on a quarterly basis as we look to add to our roadmap and continually improve the solution.

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