Configuring Provider Details

Configuring Provider Details

You can easily add Provider details to your zHealth account. You can add and save detailed information about the provider and map his or her business hours and appointment types.

1. To get started, log in to your account at
a. Once you’re logged in, you will see your name at the top right corner.
b. Hover the cursor over to your name. A drop-down menu will open.

2. Click on the third option - Update Info - from the drop-down menu.

3. In the Update Info window, click on the second tab - Provider There are two options on the left side of the screen: Provider Details and Business Hours. 

Click on the first option -  Provider Details
Here are a few tips to keep in mind while completing the Provider Details:
Profile Image: You can choose to upload a profile picture of the provider. Browse it from your laptop, desktop, or tablet.
Provider Name: Enter the provider’s name. Ensure it is the same as listed in your tax papers, billing paper, or license number.
Display Name: If you enter the Display Name, this name will be displayed as the column name in the home/appointment page for this provider.
Title: Enter the title for the provider, such as Dr. for Doctor of Chiropractic.
Address: Enter the complete address where the provider works. If the provider works at your facility, the address would be the same as your facility. Enter the building name, street, city, state, and ZIP.
Work Phone: If the provider uses a work phone at your facility, ensure you enter the work phone number in this field.
Cell Phone: If your provider wants to add his own cell phone number for getting online appointment notifications, add his mobile phone number in this field.
Send Text Notifications for Online Appointments: The provider can opt for text notifications whenever a patient books an appointment with him or her online through zHealth online booking portal. From the dropdown, select ‘Yes’ if he or she wants to receive notifications, otherwise select ‘No.’
Email: Enter the email address of the provider where he or she wants to receive appointment booking notifications*.

*Note : All appointment notifications may be turned off for certain providers (or rooms if your clinic has configured their providers to rooms). Please contact your Customer Success Specialist or send an email to if you'd like certain providers notifications to be turned off.
NPI Number: A National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to healthcare providers in the United States. Enter your NPI number in this field. If you don’t have the NPI number, you can find the provider’s NPI number at 
State License Number: Enter your State License Number, the state where your practice is located.
Provider Taxonomy Number: For chiropractic providers, the provider taxonomy number is Chiropractic 111N00000X. If your practice offers different services, you can search for the taxonomy code set for a specific provider at 
Provider Tax ID: A tax ID number must be obtained from the IRS if the provider wants taxes to be reported and paid under the individual's Social Security number. If the provider is the sole proprietor of the facility, the facility's business tax registration number can be filled in this field.
Billing Provider Entity Type: When you send an EDI claim, The billing provider entity type is sent with the HCFA form. The entity type is an indicator if the provider is a business or an individual. From the dropdown, select ‘Individual’ or ‘Organization’ depending on the entity type of the provider’s billing provider.
Description: You can enter any information related to the provider in the description box. Click on the top bottom corner of the box to enlarge the box.
Default Provider: From the dropdown, select the default name that will appear for this provider throughout the account.
Default Schedule View: This is where you can set the default scheduler view for the provider. Set it Weekly or Daily depending on whether the provider is convenient with daily or weekly schedule view.
Number of Months in Appointment Calendar: Enter a number here to set the total number of months you want to appear in the Scheduler section for the provider. For example, you can enter 2 if you want two months to appear on the home screen for the provider where he or she can see schedules for two months.
Show Patient Alerts:  Patient alerts are shown when you open a patient chart. You can set an alert to display any follow-ups for the patient, balance due, and future appointments. There are  3 different patient alert options available in zHealth Software. Select "No" when you don't want our system to show the alerts. Select the "Pop-up Auto-Close" if you want the alert to automatically go away. Select the "Pop-up Stays Till Closed" option if you want to keep the alert to stay until you close it or click outside the box.
Additional Identifications: Under Additional Identifications, there are six boxes.
- BCBS Michigan Submitter ID: If you know the provider’s BCBS submitter ID, enter it in this field. If you don’t, call the EDI Help Desk of BCBS at 1-800-542-0945 or email us to get a submitter ID and instructions.
- Prompt Submitter ID: If you know the prompt submitter ID, fill it in this field. Prompt submitter ID is a unique number identifying electronic submitters of claims. You must request a Submitter ID if you will be submitting electronic claims.
- Provider UPIN Number: Enter the  Unique Physician Identification Number (UPIN) specific to the provider.
- Provider Commercial Number: Enter the commercial number for the provider. Generally, it is G2. Note this commercial number will be sent on the HCFA form every time a claim is submitted. 
- Location Number: Enter the location number for the provider in this field. Generally, it is LU.
- State Industrial Accident Provider Number: Enter the State Industrial Accident Provider Number in this field. Generally, it is X5.
- Legacy ID: You can add Legacy ID for Medicaid. Click "Add" to add Legacy IDs. Legacy ID is the identification number assigned to the Medicaid service providers. The purpose is to identify service providers on Medicaid claims.
FTP Credential for Office Ally: If your facility has a number of providers and each wants to send their claims individually and get ERAs and ETFs to their individual accounts, fill the FTP credentials for Office Ally under Provider > Provider Details.
- Office Ally Username: Enter the Office Ally username for the provider. zHealth team will provide you with this username.
- Office Ally Password:  Enter the Office Ally password for the provider. zHealth team will provide you with this password.
- Office Ally Address: Enter the Office Ally address in this field.
4. Fill in all the provider details as per the tips shared above.

5. Click ‘ Update ’ to save the provider’s details to your facility.

Note: A provider will always be logged in to an active facility. If the provider is getting logged in to an inactive facility or a facility that doesn't have business hours set up, you can contact your Customer Success Specialist or send an email to

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