How to Send Intake Forms to a Patient

How to Send Intake Forms to a Patient

zHealth sends intake forms to new patients automatically if your clinic has taken the Advanced Package. Our software emails the intake forms to new patients based on the following two conditions:

1. If the appointment that is booked is designated as a "New Patient" (this is set when creating an appointment type)
2. The patient doesn't already have a SOAP note.
Manually emailing intakes to a patient is an option at anytime.

To remove the automation of intakes, and send intakes manually instead, please follow these steps.

1. First, you need to change "Patient Type" in Appointment Types. From your zHealth dashboard, hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner. Click on "Update Info". 

Go to the Facility Tab. Click on Appointment Types from the left side menu. You may have created an Appointment as "New Patient". Search the New Patient appointment type from the list. Then, click on the "Edit" icon as shown in the screenshot here.

Please note that changing Patient Type from "New Patient" to "Established Patient" may affect your "New Patient Reporting".

2. A pop-up window will open. Change the "Patient Type" from New Patient to Established Patient. Click "Update."

3. If you've more appointment types that have "Patient Type" as New Patient (N), then change all appointment types to "Established Patients" as explained in the Step 2.

4. Now, you can go ahead and book an appointment for the new patient. (Please note the patient may also book an appointment online if you're using zHealth's Online Appointment Portal.) To book an appointment for a new patient through the Calendar/Scheduler, click on the available appointment slot.

The Available Appointment pop-up window will open. Click the radio button for "New Patient."

Confirm the date and time and the enter the following details to book an appointment for the new patient:

a. Enter the first and last name of the patient.
b. Select 
Patient Type from the drop-down.
c. Select 
d. Enter 
phone number.
e. Enter 
email address.
f. Select 
date of birth.
g. Select the Provider from the drop-down.
h. Select the appointment option from the dropdown.
i. Enter the Chief Complaint (if any)
j. Click '
Confirm and Add Details.'

The new patient is now booked for an appointment in your calendar for a given date and time. You will be redirected to the Calendar.
Note: All white spaces indicate appointment slots are available. All grey spaces indicate slots are blocked.

5. Click on the patient name from the Calendar to view the patient chart. In the Patient Chart, click on the option - "Intake".

On the Intake tab, you will see all intake options on the left side of the screen.

To send the intake forms to the patient, click on "
Send All Forms to Patient" on the right side of the screen.

9. A pop-up window will open. It will show all forms that will be sent to the patient. Make sure your intake forms are showing on the window.

By default, the checkboxes in front of all forms will be blue ticked. You can uncheck them if you want. 

Click 'Send'. All forms will be sent to the email address of the patient.
You can always add your own customized consent forms to your facility. Click here to know how to add your own consent form.

Important Notes:
1. A patient, who has received the intake link, will be asked to create an account in the patient portal (or login if an account is already created) to fill out their intakes. If any intakes are not started or completed online, the forms will be waiting for them to complete during the front desk check-in at the office's kiosk. You'll be able to see if/when intakes were sent to any patient by checking the patient's communication audit trail.

2. The same username and password is to be used for both the patient portal and the clinic's online appointment portal.

3. zHealth can turn off the capability of emailing intakes as well. Please reach out to your CSS or support team at 1-800-459-0302 or

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