How to Update Facility Details

How to Update Facility Details

You might be wondering what you should be doing to get zHealthEHR configured for you. The first step to get your zHealth account up and running is to add your facility information.

There are 4 basic steps that are required to add the facility information to your account:


  1. Facility Details

  2. Appointment Types

  3. Consent Forms

  4. Patient Types

1. How to Update Facility Details - Video Tutorial

2. How to Update Facility Details - Step-by-Step Instructions

1. To get started, log in to your account at

Once you’re logged in, you will see your name at the top right corner.

Hover the cursor over to your name. A drop-down menu will open.

2. Click on the third option - Update Info - from the drop-down menu.

3. In the Update Info window, by default, you will be on the Facility > Facility Details tab.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while completing this information:
Facility Logo: Click the button "Choose File" to upload your facility logo from your computer. *Only JPG, PNG and JPEG file formats are supported.
Facility Name: Enter your practice’s name. Ensure it is the same as listed in your tax papers, billing paper, or website.
Address: Enter the complete address of your facility, including building name, street, city, state, and ZIP.
Phone Number: Ensure you enter the current phone number of your facility.
Time Zone: Ensure the Time Zone is accurate to your location.
NPI: Enter the NPI number of your practice. If you need to find your NPI number, click on the link here: 
State License Number: Enter your State License Number, the state where your practice is located.
Provider Taxonomy Number: For chiropractic practices, the provider taxonomy number is Chiropractic 111N00000X. If your practice offers different services, you can search for the taxonomy code set at
Default Payment Type: Depending on whether you’re a cash-only practice or accept electronic payments, you can select the default payment type from the dropdown.
Send an email to patient on appointment booking: Click to select "Yes" or "No" from the drop-down based on whether you want our system to send appointment confirmation emails to patient when they book an appointment with your clinic.
Appointment Reminder (1-day prior): Set it to ‘Yes’ if you want to send appointment reminders to patients 1-day before their appointment date.
Second appointment text reminder: Set the time for sending the second reminder to patients. From the drop-down list, you can select from the four timing options. Set it to ‘No’ if you don’t want to send a second appointment reminder.
Billing Facility Name: If you have an in-house billing staff, the billing facility name will be the same as your facility name. If you have hired an external billing company, enter the billing facility name.
Billing Facility Address: If you have an in-house billing staff, the billing facility address will be the same as your facility address. If you have hired an external billing company, enter the billing facility address.
Default Slot Duration: This will be the appointment time for each patient whenever they book an appointment with your provider from the online appointment booking portal or you book an appointment for a patient from the calendar. The default slot duration is set as 15 minutes. If you want to change the slot duration, please contact
Slot Start Time: This is the time when you open your practice for the day. From the dropdown, select hour, minute, and AM/PM.
Slot End Time: This is the time when you close your practice for the day. From the dropdown, select hour, minute, and PM.
Min. Appt Window (In Minutes): This allows a buffer for online appointments (in minutes) so patients cannot book online appointments within a certain time frame. 30 minutes won’t allow for anyone to book an appointment in the next 30 minutes regardless of open time slots before then. 720 minutes would not allow for more than 12 hours regardless of open time slots before then.
Inventory Threshold: If your facility is using our Inventory feature, you can set the Inventory Threshold. Inventory Threshold allows you to limit the quantity of your product available in your facility. When the quantity of the supplies/supplements/miscellaneous items reaches below the threshold value, zHealth will send you message notification so you can keep track of your products inventory. Contact zHealth Customer Support Team to know more about this feature.
Hours: This is where you put in business hours for the Online Appointment Portal. If you're not using zHealth's Online Appointment Portal, leave it blank.
Other settings: Under Other Settings, there are three options. Check all the three boxes if you:
- Want to send lifestyle documents or any health-related information to patients
- Wish to send an email to the provider when an appointment is booked online using appointment portal link.
- Want to copy provider while sending invoice/billing statement emails to patients.
The email address listed under your primary location is the email address zHealth uses as the “reply to” address for all emails sent out through zHealth. For example, if a patient replies back to an appointment reminder email notification, this is the email address the reply will send to.
Review Plus: If you're a Review Plus user, you will get options to set minimum visit count, reminder SMS visit count, minimum rating, marketing phone number, maximum reminder SMS, and review posting link. zHealth also provides placeholders for review links for your Google, Yelp, and Facebook profiles, so you can keep a copy of the review URLs handy.
Patient Plus: If you're a Patient Plus user, you can set the Phone Number that will be sent in the text message to your patients who have not visited your practice for the last 3, 6, and 12+ months.
Appointment Portal Link: If you're using our Online Appointment Portal, the portal link will be displayed on the Facility > Facility Details page.
Frontdesk/Self Check-in: You can view the Frontdesk/Self Check-in username and password.
Additional Identifications: When you click it, you will find two fields where you need to fill the Provider Commercial Number and Location Number. 
4. Fill in all the facility details as per the tips shared above. Click ‘Update’ to save your facility details.

*Note: zHealth Software covers all appointment-related notifications, except appointment cancellation notifications. All appointment notifications may be turned off for your facility. Please contact your Customer Success Specialist or send an email to if you'd like facility notifications to be turned off.

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