Steps to Get Started with zHealth Pay

Steps to Get Started with zHealth Pay

zHealth Pay is an all-in-one integrated payment processing solution. You get an integrated reader and POS software with end-to-end encryption. Sign up and start taking payments with zHealth Pay quickly. With clear and competitive pricing, everything is transparent. Patients can pay with a tap by using a contactless card or an Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled device. Easily accept your patient’s payment card with just a swipe with our card reader. Dip credit or debit card to process contactless payment in under one second. You can even take keyed-in payments remotely on zHealthEHR by manually entering the patient's card information. Here is how to get started with zHealth Pay.

A. Signing Up for zHealth Pay

1. Login to your zHealth account and hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner. Select “zHealth Pay” from the drop-down menu.

2. The zHealth Pay dashboard opens. Read how our payment processing solution works. Scroll down the page to learn how you can collect patient payments:

a. In Office using our Payment Terminal
b. Online
c. Save card details on file
d. Send text message to collect outstanding balance.

3. To get started with zHealth Pay, click on the "Sign-up" button.

You can even request a custom quote. Check how in the Step B - "Requesting a Custom Quote".

4. If you click the "Sign Up" button, you will be directed to the Checkout page where you can see the shipping address (pre-filled with your facility address) and order summary and processing rate. Read the pricing conditions at the bottom of the page.

a. Check the shipping address, including Business Name, Street Address, Apartment or suite Number, City, State, and Zip Code. This is the address where we will sending you the Payment Terminal
b. Click the checkbox for "I agree to zHealth Payment Processing terms and conditions*"
c. Click the button "Proceed to Merchant application".

Once you click “Proceed to Merchant Application” The screen will refresh and you will see the zHealth Pay Merchant Sign-up - Screen 1 of 3.

5. On the zHealth Pay Merchant Sign-up - Screen 1 of 3, enter the following information:

a. First, middle and last name
b. Date of birth
c. Social Security Number
d. Email Address
e. Phone Number
f. Apartment Number
g. Address Line 1
h. Address Line 2
i. City, State, and Zip Code
j. Click “Continue

6. On the zHealth Pay Merchant Sign-up - Screen 2 of 3, enter the following information to proceed:

a. Legal Business Name
b. EIN number
c. Merchant Category Code (Chiropractors’ code is displayed by default. If you’re a physical therapist, massage therapist or doctor or physician, select the applicable code from the drop-down menu.)
d. Website URL (optional)
e. If your billing address is the same as your personal address, click the checkbox. The Billing Address information will be filled in automatically.
f. If the address is not the same, enter billing address, city, state, and zip code.
g. Click “Continue”

7. On the zHealth Pay Merchant Sign-up - Screen 3 of 3, enter the following information to proceed:

a. Account Name
b. Account Number
c. Select Account Ownership Type from the drop-down
d. Select Account Type from the drop-down
e. Bank Name
f. Routing Number
g. If Beneficiary Owner Info Same As Personal Data, click the checkbox. All Merchant Beneficiary information will get filled in automatically.
h. If the beneficiary and personal information are not the same, then enter Legal Name
i. Select Date of Birth
j. Social Security Number
k. Email Address
l. Home Address
m. City, State, and Zip
n. Click the checkbox to accept “Propay terms and conditions.”
o. Click “Submit

8. Your application will be approved instantly. You will see a message - “Congratulations! Your application is approved''. You can find the Activation Code and Merchant Key by clicking on the link as shown below. You will need the code and key to activate zHealth Pay Terminal.
Note: In some cases, when zHealth Pay signup applications are not approved instantly. You will receive a message saying your application is under review. In that case, you will need to submit additional information, including Identity Verification Document and Address Verification Document to process your application.

B. Requesting a Custom Quote

1. Access your zHealth Dashboard. However the cursor over your name at the top right corner. Click "zHealth Pay" from the drop-down.

On the zHealth Pay information page, click on the option "Request a Custom Quote". A pop-up window appears.

2. On the pop-up window, you need to upload your last three processing statements. Click browse and upload the PDF files of the last three processing statements from your system. Once done, click Submit. 

Our payment specialist will contact you soon to help configure the best processing rate for your business.

Check out zHealth Pay Set up and Update Terminal Guides:
How to Activate (or update) the zHealth Pay Terminal on a Windows PC

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