Release Notes

Release Notes

zHealth continues to enhance the software by releasing new features, making enhancements, and removing bugs. Customers can expect zHealth scheduled releases on the last weekend of each month. Here's an update of the recent product improvements we've made to zHealth so you can easily stay up to date on what's new!

Release Notes
 April 2024

We're excited to announce the launch of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security:

  1. Receive verification codes during login for added authentication.
  2. Opt to receive codes via SMS and/or Email for convenience.
  3. Utilize the "Remember Device" feature to skip MFA on subsequent logins from the same device.
  4. Access a dedicated help center and contact us page for support.
  5. Resend new codes via SMS/email if needed, as codes expire after 5 minutes.
  6. MFA authentication remains valid for 15 days after initial login for seamless access.
We've implemented several enhancements to the new Scheduler:
  1. Introduced a compacted slots view for improved visibility.
  2. Reduced font size in appointment cards for better readability.
  3. Adjusted space allocation for name, phone number, and setting icons in appointment cards.
  4. Appointment names now display in white when background colors are bold.
  5. We have also fixed the issue wherein today's date was not being highlighted in the weekly view.

We have updated the design for the super billing and abbreviated statements, now with customizable options. You can now include:

  • Statement dates
  • Claim ID#
  • Enter Claim Number
  • Insurance Adjuster
  • Enter Adjuster Name
  • Supplement & Misc Items
  • Any Notes


  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes
  • Billing Summary
  • Payment Summary
  • Patient's Credit
  • Practice NPI#
  • Rendering Provider NPI#
  • Billing Note
Now, providers will now receive a report of failed transactions for membership payments at the end of each day.

zHealth Scheduler Enhancements
  1. Enhanced provider calendar display: Condensed layout reduces column spacing, facilitating easy viewing of multiple providers' schedules.
  2. Side space optimization: Eliminated excess space on the sides for a cleaner and more streamlined interface.
  3. Improved handling of special characters: Addressed issues related to special characters in the block calendar, ensuring smoother functionality.
  4. Option to revert to previous scheduler: Users can now contact Customer Support to switch back to the old scheduler if preferred.
  5. Mobile responsiveness for scheduler screens: Implemented adjustments to ensure that scheduler screens, including the main header, are fully responsive on mobile devices for improved usability.
We have introduced a feedback banner model for gathering your ratings and reviews on latest features and releases.
We have implemented a feature to filter prohibited words from bulk SMS, patient chart conversations, and messages, displaying an error if detected.

We've made several improvements to our zHealth Pay payment processing system to enhance transaction handling:

  1. Easily spot and fix incorrectly mapped transactions.
  2. Failed transactions are remapped automatically, while successful ones are properly handled.
  3. Stay updated with automatic notifications on status changes.
  4. Get detailed insights with transaction data tracing.
  5. Audits ensure accurate mapping.
  6. Improved handling of state transactions.
  7. Correctly fetch and update refund history IDs.
  8. Delete invoice transactions for patients who used credit overpayment.
  9. Troubleshoot easier with a new status screen for 404 errors.
  10. Fixed an issue with model closure.
Important Bug Fixes
  1. We have  adjusted the button and toggle element display for accurate printing in Intake and SOAP.
  2. We have updated the viewing method for consent forms on tablets by embedding the forms with Google Docs Viewer.
  3. The issue has been resolved: After making a payment through the online appointment portal, if the patient fails to click the confirmation button, the appointment will now not be booked.
  4. The diagnosis code list no longer displays duplicate entries for the same diagnosis code when multiple entries exist in the database.
  5. We've resolved the issue where an infinite loader would appear, and the entire zHealth dashboard needed to be refreshed when the message field was blank in the Conversations tab, and the user clicked the send button.
  6. Fixed an issue related to the download option in the Billing Center. Now, only providers with full billing access can download billing reports, ensuring appropriate access control and data security.
  7. Addressed an issue where the email invoice functionality encountered an error when generating invoices for specific encounters during appointments.
 March 2024
  1. We have introduced a Patient Lookup functionality in the Memberships section so you can search the Membership list by patient name.
  2. We have implemented an enhancement in the patient membership plan where, after editing and saving the amount, the amount box becomes greyed out.
  3. Previously, the Communication Audit tab inside the Patient Chart displayed records only for failure cases for certain types of messages. With the latest enhancement, the Communication Audit tab will now show only successfully sent messages, emails, and reminders.
  4. Now, the invoice PDF sent through email will feature a design similar to the print invoice screen.
  5. We've resolved the problem where an EDI file was being generated for paper insurance when claims were manually submitted. We've now implemented a condition to create an EDI file only when the insurance type is specified as EDI.
  6. We have fixed the problem of multiple Outcome Assessment (OA) entries on the OA tab for the same check-in. Furthermore, we've introduced a linkup between Appointment IDs and OA to ensure the creation of only one set of OAs for each appointment.
  7. When selecting the standard one-time membership plan during membership setup, the payment frequency area is now greyed out. Additionally, payment frequency is now null for one-time memberships. Previously defaulted to every day, this has been updated to null.
  8. We've addressed the issue where copays were not functioning correctly for CPT codes with fixed rates for specific insurances.
  9. We have resolved the issue in the Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder where data would be lost when pasting through the mouse in the element.
  10. The Add Row button in the Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder was not appearing when the user set only one row and one column in the button and double-sided checkbox element. We've resolved this issue and now the Add Row button will display even if the user does not increase the number of rows and columns in the modal.
  11. We've resolved the issue in the Appointments Audit trail inside Patient Chart where appointments booked through the online portal were not displaying the date and time of the appointment.
 January 2024
  1. In our last update, we introduced a new column called "Membership" in the Billing Center. This column indicates whether an invoice is associated with a membership, and it specifies the membership to which it belongs. In our latest updates, if the invoice is a part of a Membership Plan, the column shows the Membership Plan name, and if the invoice is not a part of any Membership Plan, the column remains blank.
  2. We've made enhancements to the Membership Details Page inside the Patient Chart. Now, you can edit the amount of an existing plan by clicking the Edit icon and entering the new amount. The updated dollar amount will be applied seamlessly to the next recurring payment cycle. 
  3. We've added a new field in Facility > Facility Details tab where you can add your facility logo. This logo will show up in the Invoice print screen.
  4. We're thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped user interface for the Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder! This enhancement is designed to provide you with an even more seamless and intuitive experience. Explore the upgraded features and enjoy a smoother SOAP notes building process
  5. In our latest release, we've identified and resolved an issue related to the display of dates on the new invoices. Previously, the Miscellaneous or Supplement added date was being shown on the invoice, which was incorrect. We have now fixed this bug, and the new invoices will accurately display the Date of Service (DOS) as intended.
  6. We have fixed an issue in the Patient Check-in Portal on tablets where entering a phone number triggered the display of a QWERTY keyboard instead of a numeric keyboard.
  7. Previously, the Edit Membership Screen incorrectly displayed the 13th month in the end date when the start date was in December. We have fixed this issue.
  8. Patient Billing and Billing Centre were not loading when the membership name contained double quotes. We have resolved this issue.
 December 2023
  1. In our last update, we introduced a new column called "Part of Membership" in the Billing Center. We have changed the column name to "Membership". This column indicates whether an invoice is associated with a membership, and it specifies the membership to which it belongs.
  2. We've made enhancements to the membership audit trail to provide you with a more streamlined view. Now, if two appointments are part of the same invoice, they will be displayed in the same row, treating them as a single visit. This improvement ensures a clearer and more accurate representation of your membership activities.
  3. We've lifted restrictions on all reports, making them accessible whenever you need them. Run any report at any time to gain valuable insights about your practice.
  4. We resolved the issue where the columns for the Detailed Charges Report were misaligned due to commas in the provider's name.

  5. We have added a validation to the file type so now you will only be able to upload PDF files of consent forms.
  6. We've made two new enhancements to the redesigned Invoice Print Screen:
    • If you prefer not to display the EIN, NPI number, and provider NPI number on the invoice, you can disable this feature by reaching out to our customer support team at
    • If there are no future appointments, the next appointment note at the bottom of the invoice will show "no upcoming appointments".
  7. We've introduced a new column in the Patient Billing and Billing Center to provide a clear view of which invoices are associated with a membership.
  8. The issue with the Print HCFA document not displaying the selected gender (male) has been resolved.
  9. Google Calendar issues have been resolved. Previously, changing patient type during appointment booking resulted in an error, preventing the event from being booked. Additionally, when rescheduling appointments and adjusting the duration, an error occurred, which has now been fixed.
  10. We've fixed some issues and introduced new features to the Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder (SSSNB):
    1. Character limitations for button elements addressed
    2. Placeholder feature added for nested elements (textbox, textarea, record box)
    3. No limits on the number of rows for button and double-sided checkbox; column limits introduced
    4. Record Box Label now populates correctly in the narrative
    5. Customized narrative no longer automatically copied to the next element in the pop-up
  11. We've made a few enhancements to the new redesigned Invoice Print Screen:
    1. A new row providing information on ICD-10 codes and their descriptions has been added to the updated invoice design.
    1. The invoice will feature the patient's upcoming appointment details, such as date, time, provider name, and appointment type.
    2. The print format of the invoice has been enhanced to replicate the colors of the invoice itself when the Background Graphics option is enabled in your print settings.
 November 2023
  1. We've made enhancements to the Memberships page in the Patient  Chart. Renamed the two start dates on the membership edit page, distinguishing between Plan Start Date and Payment Start Date. The Audit Trail for Patient Memberships now shows the Appointment Date and Time, accompanied by the Appointment Type, Provider Name, and Facility Name. Additionally, this information can be printed by using the print icon.
  2. We've introduced several new features to the Self-Service SOAP  Notes Builder (SSSNB):
    1. Sample Templates: Sample Templates are now categorized into SOAPE, and you can save a template as a sample without re-saving it from the Preview model.
    2. Double-Sided Checkbox: We have added a new form element - Double-Sided Checkbox - featuring left and right checkboxes with column-wise descriptions. Findings can be displayed horizontally or vertically.
    3. Differentiation of Label Description with the Same Name: Multiple elements with the same label will now appear uniquely in the findings.
    4. Placeholders for Text and Text Area: You can now add placeholders within text and textarea elements.
    5. Space Issue Fix: Addressed a space issue between elements, eliminating extra line breaks when an element spans more than one row.
    6. Nested Element: Introducing a new element that allows the use of multiple types of elements under one label.
    7. Button Element: A new element for adding buttons with both horizontal and vertical findings.
    8. Narrative Customization: You can now customize the narrative and display findings differently from what is shown in the UI.
  3. We're excited to unveil the redesigned Invoice Print Screenfeaturing a comprehensive display of crucial details. From your facility's logo to billing contact information, this revamped interface ensures clarity and accessibility. Dive into the specifics, including patient and provider details, insurance coverage, CPT codes, payment records, and more. Experience a streamlined and informative billing experience with our new and improved Invoice Print Screen.

    Stay tuned for additional enhancements as we gear up to introduce the all-new design in our Invoice PDFs sent via email.
  4. We're in the midst of transitioning our Reporting System to a new  database. During this migration, some reports are accessible only  outside a specific time window. Now, you can generate and download specific reports either before 10:00 am PT or after 11:00 am PT, as  we've shortened the restriction from 2 hours to just 1 hour. We plan to  gradually lift this restriction until all reports can be generated  throughout the day.
  5. We've fixed a couple of issues with the Patient Portal, Past Notes, Memberships, and Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder
 September 2023
  1. In the upcoming appointment section under the "Next Appointment (more)" option within the patient chart, the day of the week (first 3 letters) will now be displayed. Additionally, when a note is created, it will no longer allow rescheduling directly from the "Edit" option in the "Next Appt More" option.
  2. We've implemented enhancements to the Billing Center Report:

    • The "Invoice Status" column now displays OPEN/CLOSED.
    • The "Internal Comment" will be visible in the Notes column.
    • The report now includes the Primary and Secondary Insurance Names regardless of whether a claim was submitted or not.
    • A new column, Claim Error (if any), has been added.
  3. We are currently in the process of migrating our Reporting System to a new database. While this migration is underway, certain reports can only be generated outside of the restriction window. You can now access and download specific reports either before 10:00 am PT or after 12:00 pm PT, as we've reduced the restriction from 3 hours to just 2 hours.
  4. We've updated the Patient Recall Report by renaming the label. The "A" column, formerly labeled "Patient Show Up," has been changed to "Time since last visit."
  5. We have fixed a couple of issues with invoice, billing, HCFA, and certain reports.
  6. We've introduced three enhancements to the Membership feature:

  7. We're excited to share two improvements in our Google Calendar integration with zHealth. First, all upcoming appointments will now be synchronized seamlessly. Second, if a single email ID is used by two users to integrate Google Calendar with zHealth, they will receive a message indicating that the email is already in use.
  8. We've introduced an "Edit" option for upcoming appointments, accessible via the Patient Chart under the "Next Appointment (more)" menu. This allows providers to modify or reschedule upcoming appointments. 
  9. We've implemented two enhancements to the Memberships feature, simplifying your membership payment tracking. Within the Memberships section (click the "User-Plus" icon to access all patients with active membership plans), you can now easily view the Balance amount associated with each patient's membership plan. Additionally, in the Patient Chart, you'll find the Membership Balance conveniently located at the top left, right next to the Credit information.
  10. We've shortened the report download restriction window from 4 hours to 3 hours. Now, you can download certain reports before 9:30 am and after 12:30 pm PT.
  11. We've introduced a new feature that enhances patient communication with your practice, provided you have a custom number configured for your clinic. When a patient sends a message using a new number, our system will automatically recognize that it's not in our database and creates a new Patient Chart. If you've Conversations turned on for your clinic, you can view the message and click the hyperlink on the new number to open the Patient Chart.
  12. Staff members without a scheduler will now see the default provider's default schedule view whenever they log in or switch facilities.
  13. We have fixed a couple of issues with the AR Report, Pain Diagram, Billing Statement, and Past Notes.
August 2023
  1. We've added a new feature to the Email Monthly Statements Tab. There are now two new buttons - "Email to Pay PR Online" and "Text to Pay PR Online" - that will help you email or text patients to pay online if they owe money. We also made some other changes to improve things:
  1. We removed the Date Range from this page.
  2. We removed the small email buttons next to each line.
  3. All the emails and texts sent to patients will be shown in the Communication Audit in the Patient Chart.
  4. If Conversations is turned on, the text message sent to patients will be shown there.
  5. We added a box where you can type in a phone number of the patient.
  6. When sending text or emails, you will see a loader so you can wait for the software to send all the messages before clicking anywhere or sending messages to the next set of patients.
  1. You can now easily connect or disconnect your Google Calendar from Update Info > Provider Details tab. Just click the "Connect" button to link zHealth with your Google Calendar. If you wish to disconnect the calendars, a "Disconnect" option is available now.
  2. We have updated the Crayon Images in the Pain Diagram within the Subjective section of SOAP notes with enlarged text for better clarity.
  3. Patients can now initiate a text first instead of only replying to a text message from zHealth. This only works if you have a custom number configured for your clinic. zHealth will automatically create new patient charts when receiving a text from a new number if the number is not in our database. If you have Conversations turned on, you can see the messages appear in the Conversations dashboard.
  4. We have introduced several changes to enhance the functionality of the Self-Service SOAP Notes Builder (SSSNB):

    • Template Sample Addition: Our team can add a SOAP note template from any chosen organization as a sample template into the SSSNB. This will help you select and customize these sample templates to better suit your needs.
    • Dropdown Option 'Select' Duplication: In the dropdown options, we've identified and resolved an issue where the 'Select' option was automatically generated again after adding other options. This led to the 'Select' option being duplicated, which has now been rectified.
    • Finalizing Blank Screen Issue: We have addressed a situation where adding a new blank screen and clicking on the finalize screen button caused the SOAP note tab to become unresponsive. This issue has been resolved, ensuring smooth functionality.
    • Modal Interaction on Preview and Save: Previously, when previewing and saving a new template, closing the modal resulted in the loss of changes made. We've made improvements to this process, ensuring that changes are retained when closing the modal after previewing and saving.
    • Sequential Modals on Preview and Save: When clicking on the preview and save button, there was an occurrence of both the preview and save modals showing simultaneously. We have fixed this issue to ensure that the modals appear sequentially as intended—first the preview modal and then the save modal.

  5. The issue concerning Batch Print Claims has been resolved. The Claims are now arranged in accordance with the alphabetical order of the Patient's Last Name, followed by the Date of Service and Insurance Name.
  6. We have resolved the issue where the tab was not refreshing correctly when switching to a new provider.
  7. The issue with the appointment option in the weekly view not retaining the originally booked appointment type has been resolved.
  8. The CSV export for the Supplement and Supplies Report originally displayed dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy. We have now updated the date format to mm/dd/yyyy.
  9. When the "Default Schedule View" is selected as "ALL" in Provider Settings, the system should display all providers' appointments on the Home page by default. However, only one provider's details were shown when switching Facility. We have resolved this issue. With recent changes, the selected provider's Default Schedule View is now read correctly on the Home page when switching facilities.
  10. The pain diagram now correctly displays the full body when printing a Past Note or multiple Past Notes.
  11. We have resolved the issue of duplicate appointments appearing due to double-clicking or multiple clicks.
  12. The issue with the Detailed Appointment Batch Report displaying incorrect times in the "Appointment Start" and "Appointment End" columns has been successfully resolved.
  13. We have updated zHealth Pay API. This will pull real time and more accurate transaction status of the transactions done through terminal devices.
  14. When the 'Default Schedule View' is set to 'ALL' under the Update Info > Provider Settings tab, it is expected that the zHealth Home page should display the appointment details of all providers by default. However, there was an issue where only one provider's appointment details were being shown instead. We have now addressed this issue and made the necessary fixes. With the latest update, when you select 'ALL' as the default schedule view, the Home page will accurately display the appointment details of all providers as expected.
July 2023
  1. We've introduced a new feature - Text Patient Balance - in the Patient Balance section so you can collect the full patient responsibility balance conveniently via text message. If they pay the exact amount, the correct portions will be applied to each invoice. If the patient pays more or less than the PR, the balance will be credited to or debited from Patient Credits accordingly.
  2. There is a new feature addition in Past Notes: the option to add Orders/Referrals. Now, you can easily select this option and upload orders and referrals directly in the Patient Chart > Past Notes section. 
  3. Soon you will be able to sync your zHealth appointments with your Google Calendar. By syncing your zHealth appointments, you can conveniently view all your appointments in Google Calendar. Any changes or updates to appointments should be made in zHealth, which will automatically reflect in your Google Calendar. If you have multiple providers in your practice, each provider can set up their own Google Calendar sync. To enable this feature, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team at
  4. We have resolved the issue with the appointment drag-and-drop feature. Now, when you hover your cursor over an appointment, the appointment details will appear and you will no longer encounter any restrictions in dragging the appointment to the time slots above it.
  5. We have addressed the spacing issue that some clinics experienced with the zHealth Online Appointment Portal. There will no longer be unwanted spacing between different appointment types in the Online Appointment Portal.
  6. We have resolved the space issue in the text-to-pay message sent from an invoice. The text and payment link will now appear with the correct spacing.
  7. We have updated the restriction on reports by reducing it by 1 hour on each end. The new restriction now spans from 9am PT to 1pm PT, providing a more flexible timeframe for generating reports.
  8. We have addressed an issue reported by some clinics regarding the absence of star labels on pain diagrams. We have made the necessary updates, and now the star labels will be visible on pain diagrams in both SOAP notes and when printing the invoice. This enhancement ensures accurate representation and clear communication of pain locations for improved patient care.
  9. We have made two updates to the Review Plus Dashboard for enhanced usability and clarity. Firstly, we have changed the text "Date Submitted" to "Date Received." This modification accurately reflects the moment when the feedback is received, providing a clearer understanding of the feedback timeline. Secondly, we have improved the "See Feedback" tab in the Review Plus Dashboard. Now, this tab will display all patient feedback messages, including cases where patients reply with just numeric numbers ranging from 1 to 5. Additionally, in situations where patients provide a combination of numeric number and text (such as 5 rating, wonderful service!), the tab will show a blank entry. This change ensures a more comprehensive view of patient feedback, facilitating better analysis and insights for your practice.
  10. Previously, when the 'Default Schedule View' was set to 'ALL' under the Update Info > Provider Settings tab, it was expected that the zHealth Home page would display the appointment details of all providers by default. However, there was an issue where only one provider's appointment details were being shown instead. We have now addressed this issue and made the necessary fixes. With the latest update, when you select 'ALL' as the default schedule view, the Home page will accurately display the appointment details of all providers as expected.
  11. Some clinics encountered an error message when attempting to manually check-in patients, who had scheduled appointments online, from the Weekly View. Additionally, there was an error message when trying to open the chart directly from the weekly view. We have diligently addressed these check-in errors and made the necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth workflow for clinics.
  12. Previously, clinics experienced a problem where the POST DATE and DEPOSIT DATE selected for an EOB would default to the current date when saving. However, when they revisited the same EOB the following day or after a few days, the dates displayed would still reflect the current date, rather than the original date selected at the time of saving. We have implemented a fix to ensure that the selected POST DATE and DEPOSIT DATE are retained for EOBs. Now, when you save an EOB, the system will accurately reflect the chosen dates, allowing you to review and modify them later if needed before finalizing the posting of the EOB.

June 2023
  1. We've introduced a new feature - Text-to-PayYou can send invoices directly to patients via text messages, with a secure payment link. Patients can promptly pay their outstanding balances using the convenient payment link, saving time and effort for both parties involved.
  2. Some clinics who are using Patient Plus with custom phone numbers were not receiving the patients' responses in the Conversations tab. We have fixed the issue and now clinics can view all patient conversations.
  3. The date and surgery fields in the Surgical History section of the SOAP Note as well as in Patient Intake form are now simple text fields. This means when typing the surgery and date, the field will not auto-populate any result. User can simply type the surgery name and date, for instance "Minor Knee Surgery" as surgery name and June 19, 2023 as date.
  4. Some clinics reported facing issue when generating Generic Schedule Report. Now, clinics can easily select a date range, even for future dates (but the date range should be of 3 months) and click to generate the report without any hassle. We have also fixed the issue with the Account Receivable Report. Now, you can generate and view the accurate CSV output.
 May 2023
  1. The SOAP Note section is enhanced with a loader feature, designed to optimize the user experience. When selecting a specific component within the SOAP Note section, such as Exam, Plan, Daily Notes, or Objective, the system promptly loads the associated information within that component. During this loading process, it is important to note that user interaction with other components is temporarily disabled to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted loading experience. Once the loading is complete, you can freely navigate and interact with the loaded component and other components within the SOAP Note section.
  2. You can now upload lab work, eligibility info, diagnostic imaging in past notes section of the Patient Chart.
  3. If you're a zHealth Pay user, you can easily clear 409 conflicts. The 409 conflict error may occur when a transaction is still in QUEUED status, and the terminal cannot accept any new transaction requests.
  4. We've created a new report type - Membership Report - to help you get a more in-depth look at each of the membership payments.
  5. We have a new functionality to zHealth Pay. In the event of a recurring membership payment falling on either a leap year or a month with 31 days, the system will automatically select the last day of the next month. In the case of February, specifically on leap years, the payment will be scheduled for the 28th of February in the subsequent year to accommodate the variation in the number of days in the month. This ensures accurate and consistent payment processing for your valued members.
  6. The invoice sent to patient via email will now show facility's phone number.
  7. We have introduced a new payment type - EFT - when you want to add patient credits. 
  8. We've added a new column for "Patient Type" in the Detailed Money Collected Report.
  9. The Patient Visit Report will now show the Primary Insurance name of a patient.
 August 2022
  1. We now allow a credit from insurance to be applied to the insurance balance.
  2. We will now add a link to the Patient Portal with any new email if the patient has not created their username and password. The link to the portal will remain valid even after the patient created their username and password so they can anytime check the email with the link and access the portal.
  3. If you're a zHealth Pay user, you can now quickly email patient balance and ask your patient to pay online.
  4. We've added a new last message sent date and time column in Review Plus dashboard > Conversations. All the Conversations with patients will be sort, by default, from newest to oldest.
  5. We have added support for providers and staff in multiple facilities to access Past Notes and the Invoices will be shown only based on their billing access permissions.
  6. Now, you can apply patient credit to multiple invoices.
  7. You have now two Report Options - Date of Service and Payment Date - when generating the Transaction Summary Report.
  8. We've added a new column for "Sold By" in the Supplement Report and Supplies Report.
  9. For Review Plus users, we have added placeholders for review URLs for Yelp, Google and Facebook in the Update Info > Facility Details section.
  10. The Conversations tab, whether you're viewing inside Patient Chart or Review Plus dashboard, will now show all text messages, including appointment reminders, Review Plus and Patient Plus text messages, direct one-to-one conversations, and even patient responses.
  11. The Bulk Texting feature in zHealth will now send bulk texts to only active patients in your facility.
 July 2022
  1. We've added a new column - Remaining Balance - to the EOB payment posting screen. The system will automatically calculate the remaining balance once you enter "Insurance Adjustment".
  2. We've added Date and Comments boxes throughout the SOAP components, including Subjective, Objective, Treatment, Plan, Exam, Daily Notes, Additional, Invoice, and Review & Sign.
  3. We've added a new column for the patient's contact number in the Accounts Receivable Report.
  4. zHealth Pay in PC and Mac now supports multiple Activation Codes and Merchant Keys if your facility is using multiple card readers.
  5. The Supplement Report will now have a new column for "Added By", which means you will be able to see who added the supplement to an invoice.
  6. You can now delete active claims unless its status is 8S. These active claim can be Primary, Secondary or Tertiary claims. Check your claim status and if there are claims that have RS, IS, 2S, 2E, 9S, and 9E statuses, you can delete them by clicking the "Delete Claim" button.
  7. We've added support for facilities to view all "Completed" Follow-up Notes and download all Follow-ups.

 June 2022
  1. We've changed the interface of our Memberships tool, making it easier and faster for you to add a new membership to the patient's account. Now, you also have the option to change payment method like choosing a different credit card on file to use for membership payment or you can choose to not charge any card on file and take Gift Cards as payment.
  2. We've added "Date" box and "Comment" section to each component in the SOAP Notes section. Now, you can change/edit date and add/edit comment in Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan, and Daily Notes.
  3. You now have the option to use Gift Cards as payment method in Invoice PaymentsMembership Payments, and Patient Credits. There is a new column - Check#/Note - in these payment windows wherein you can add the check number in case of Check payment or any note related to a Gift Card payment when adding a payment.
  4. We've added support for "Notes Only" filter option under the Patient Chart > Past Notes tab so you can set a filter and print only notes.
  5. We've changed the headers/labels in the Supplement Report. We've also added "Quantity" box and "Taxable" checkbox so you can specify the quantity and if it's taxable when adding a new supplement to the master list. You can even edit the already existing supplements to provide quantity and tax details.
  6. We've added two new columns - CPT codes and diagnosis pointers - to the Outstanding Claims Report.
  7. We've added a new column for the Date of Last Appointment to the Daily Schedule Report.
  8. We've added a new column for Service Codes (CPT Codes) to both Invoice Payment and Day Sheet Reports.
  9. We've added new columns for patient DOB, primary and secondary insurance IDs, co-pay amount, and diagnosis pointers to the Billing Center Report.
  10. We've added an option - "Send email to patients on appointment booking" under Update Info > Facility > Facility Details so that facilities can turn on and off appointment confirmation emails when an appointment is booked.
  11. We've added support for color coding of the "Provider Business Hours".
  12. Bulk texts can now handle newline characters (or line breaks) properly.
  13. Now, our system will book a patient as an "existing patient" appointment type if the phone number exists. Existing patients will not be sent intake forms. Only new patients will be sent intake forms via email.
 May 2022
  1. We've introduced a new Signature Screen in Patient Intake and Self Check-in. Patient can now type their name to generate a signature, select a signature style, and submit to confirm their signature.
  2. We've introduced a new tool called Transaction Lookup in your zHealthPay page. Use this search tool to find details about a specific transaction such as patient name, date of service, amount paid, and more.
  3. We've added Telehealth identification icon to Telehealth Appointments. Now, you can quickly differentiate telehealth appointments from other appointments by seeing the small "video icon" in front of Telehealth Appointment Types.
    We've added a new column in the End of Day Summary Report. The new column is "Payment Method".
  4. We've added "Diagnosis Pointers" in the Day Sheet Report.
  5. Now, you will get a 'Warning Message' for missing Address, Gender, DOB for insured patients when creating an invoice.
  6. We've added four new columns in the Billing Center Report including patient DOB, Primary Insurance ID, Secondary Insurance ID, Co-Pay Payment Amount.
  7. We've added a new "Lookup Patients" feature in Patient Chart to help you quickly copy address and insurance details of a family member to a patient's account belonging to the same family.
  8. We've added warning message when you try to add payment to an invoice that has no CPT code added to it. You will get this message when you create an invoice for a first visit and a follow-up visit.
  9. We've added patient name, insurance details, and date of service to Claim Audits.
  10. We've fixed the date picker issue in new Appointment Portal.
  11. We've fixed the issue with the EOB insurance drop-down menu. Earlier, when users were clicking the back button from the apply payment screen, they were getting a blank insurance dropdown in the EOB search screen.
  12. We've fixed the issue related to the claim list in the EOB screen.
 April 2022
  1. We've updated the functionality of Memberships to help clinics add recurring memberships with custom options. Now, the Memberships feature also supports multiple active memberships for a patient.
  2. We've added a new report type - Patient Recall Report. Use the Patient Recall Report to generate a report for patients who haven't visited a clinic for 3, 6, and 12+ months.
  3. We've added 'Patient Type' column to the New Patient Report.
  4. We've added support for 'Placeholder Column' or 'Ghost Column' under which only appointments can be added but no notes will be created or check-in can be done.
  5. We've added 'Checking Account' page under 'Update Info -> zHealthPay Edit Profile' where the providers can update their checking account details.
  6. We've made changes to the ICD-10 Favorite Categories. ICD-10 Code Favorite Categories will now appear in a dark red font that is bolded and underlined. Any 'inactive' ICD-10 codes (for example: M54.5) will now appear in red color with "| inactive" written afterwards.
  7. We've added a new field for calculating age of a patient under Patient Charts > Contact Details > Personal Information. The Age field will populate if Date of Birth is entered. It will be available as view-only.
 March 2022
  1. Now, our system will auto-populate the CPT code results as you start typing the first few letters or numbers of the code when adding a CPT to an insurance fees schedule. This new enhancement is helpful when you have multiple CPTs with the same code.
  2. We've added support for facilities to deactivate a Prior Authorization Number under Patient Chart > Contact Details > Primary Insurance. All Prior Authorization Numbers can be deactivated if needed. The same functionality is available for Patient's Secondary and Tertiary Insurances.
  3. Support for 'Deposit Date' for an ERA or EOB is added. It will be a different date from the current check-date and posting date. It will be the date used for an invoice payment for an encounter/visit.
  4. Our software now supports adding a Line Note for a CPT code. All invoices will automatically inherit the Line Note for a CPT Code.
  5. We have added billing access restrictions for staff with no billing access under User Management. Now, staff members with "No Billing Access" will not be able to view the Billing Center and Patients' Invoices and Billing Statements.
  6. Bulk Text is now visible to all active admin users.
  7. We've added support for multiple Prior Authorization codes for insurances. Now, you can add multiple codes for a given patient insurance and use different codes for different claims under Patient Chart > Contact Details > Primary Insurance.
  8. Now, if you select 'Paid By' as Insurance in the Invoice Payment, our system will show you an alert to make sure if you want to use insurance for the payment rather than using EOB/ERA interface to post payment.
  9. Manage templates saved under a SOAP note screen will now be available across all facilities in a practice.
  10. Monthly Statements will have the "Last Bill Sent Date" and audit from now onwards.
  11. Our software will not allow the use of backslash in any field.
 February 2022
  1. ERA and EOB buttons will now be shown in the 'Invoice Payments' section in individual Invoices to help you post insurance payments faster.
  2.  The 'Forgot Password' in the new Appointment Portal will now take username to send password for the user.
  3. We've added a new field called 'Display Name' under Update Info > Provider > Provider Details. If you enter and save the Display Name, this name will be displayed as the column name in the home/appointment page for this provider.
  4. The 'Select' option is there when you will add an insurance to the patient file for the first time, then disappears once you save it. Click "Add New Insurance" when you want to add a new insurance. This new feature is also applicable to Secondary and Tertiary Insurances.
  5. Bulk Text Message will now be available for all customers with Conversations enabled. You will get fee details and how much it will cost you to send a bulk text.
  6. The Checkout button now stays in the SOAP note section even when you click the 'Invoice' tab.
  7. We've added 3 different modes for Patient Alerts, including No Alerts, Auto-Close, and Pop-up Stays Until Closed, under Update Info -> Provider -> Provider Details.
  8. We've added a new option to add slot duration for online appointments when you create or set a new appointment type for your facility.
  9. Now you can reset the visit counts based on automatic visit reset date (newly added) or day of the month.
  10. We've added support for 'Add Card' and 'Pay for Appointment' using zHealthPay for the New Appointment Portal.
  11. Review Plus now has a whole new dashboard and features. The Dashboard will now show total reviews and ratings month by month.
  12. We added support to Review Plus to help providers see the number of reviews posted on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.
  13. You can view all patient testimonials with patient name, dates, and ratings under the "See Reviews" tab in Review Plus.
 January 2022
  1. The Money Collected Report will now show Membership Payments if "All" Provider is selected. Membership Payments and Patient Credits will be included only when "All" is selected as Provider.
  2. We have added a new column - "Enabled for Facility" - in the User Management section for both providers and staff members. Users can click the checkbox to show a specific providers in the schedule for a given facility. Uncheck it to hide a certain provider for a facility.
  3. Now zHealth will show all the Intake Forms in the Patient Portal till they complete the last signature screen. zHealth now gives patients the ability to download a consent form in case their browser does not show them the policy/consent form. They can click the download link to view & sign it.
  4. The zHealthPay customers can now send an email and request patients to pay online via 'Send Invoice to Pay Online' from the Invoice screen. The patients can click a button in their email to review the invoice details, print/download the invoice and pay online by entering their card details.
  5. Conversations is now available as a separate product for all facilities. Please contact your Customer Success Specialist or send an email to if you'd like to add the Conversations feature to your zHealth account.
  6. We've added 'Provider' filter and column to the Billing Center.
  7. The ERA received date has now been made editable. You can edit the date when posting an ERA.
  8. We've added an additional checkbox in the "Add User" tab to copy appointments types from the main provider schedule when you're adding a new provider.
 December 2021
  1. zHealth will send an inactivity timeout alert to providers after 55 minutes of inactivity, and after 60 minutes, they will be auto logged out.
  2. Now, when you create a New Note, it will only be mapped to the existing appointments for the day as per the provider (default provider).
  3. The 'Check-In' button in the Scheduler will only check-in the patient for that appointment or appointments on the same day with the same provider.
  4. The 2-way texting feature for appointment reminders, Patient Plus, and other conversations will now use your facility's dedicated landline number as the sender number if your facility has added the number to your zHealth account.
  5. The Conversations tab under Review Plus will now show all patients in your practice rather than just showing patients with whom a conversation was already started.
  6. The Patient Search Result page will have a message icon that providers or staff can use to send a text to a patient.
  7. The top navigation bar for Review Plus users also will also have a "Message" icon with an unread message count.
  8. The Patient Summary page will now have a Conversations tab that will have text message box showcasing previous conversations with that patient and will also allow providers to send a new text message.
  9. We've added a new field - Legacy ID - in Insurances. When creating a new insurance or updating an existing one, users can now add legacy IDs for medicaid insurances if they select the option - "ID Medicaid Provider Number" - in the box 24i.
  10. Facility slot duration field under the Facility > Facility Details tab is now made read-only and the slot duration cannot be modified. If you wish to change your slot duration, please contact our customer support team at
  11. zHealthPay now supports 'Process Payment and Save Card' option. This will help facilities to save card on the patient file when adding card details during e-payment through zHealthPay.
  12. We've updated the Billing Center Report and made it asynchronous, which will not lead to timeouts and the report will be available in the Message Center.
  13. We've added support for appointment reminders for '2-day before' in addition to '1-day before' for facilities.
  14. Now, you can add a new user easily from the User Management tab. Creating a new user will also copy the business hours, appointments, and other settings from the first provider of the facility.
  15. Users can now view the email address and default provider name for each user type.
  16. If you have multiple facilities, now it is possible to make a facility inactive so it is 'hidden'. Reach out to your Customer Success Specialist to inactivate any facility that is no longer in use.
  17. Communication for appointments (notifications and reminders) can be turned off for a facility. Please contact your Customer Success Specialist or send an email to if you'd like facility notifications to be turned off.
  18. Communication for appointments (notifications and reminders) can be turned off for a particular provider. Please contact your Customer Success Specialist or send an email to if you'd like certain providers' notifications to be turned off.
  19. We have updated the Patient Login Page. So now invalid username/password errors will show on the same patient login page.
 November 2021
  1. We've added patient hyperlink to the Follow-Up List. You or your staff can directly view the patient chart by clicking on the Patient Name in the Follow-Up List.
  2. When creating a new appointment type, Appointment Type Code will now show an error message if your type code does not match the criteria. The criteria is Appointment Code is limited to 11 characters and no spaces are allowed.
  3. We've added the facility's email address to the new appointment portal.
  4. We've added EIN and NPI numbers to the Notes under the Past Notes tab in the Patient Chart.
  5. Now all email reminders will have a telehealth video link. 
  6. We've added HCFA labels or box numbers to the various fields under the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Insurances tab inside the Patient's Contact Details section. Now, it will be easier for practices to know what information goes where in the HCFA form.
  7. We have added a box - Additional Claim Information - in the Primary Insurance, Secondary Insurance, and Tertiary Insurance tabs inside the Patient Chart.
  8. We've fixed the formatting of images in the Patient Portal.
  9. We've made some pagination changes to the Review Plus section.
 October 2021
  1. The consent form for minor patients will now show 'Electronically signed by Guardian/Guarantor' rather than the patient name.
  2. The Patient Demographic Report will also have 'Patient Type' information.
  3. We have added a new report type - End of Day Summary Report - under the General Statistics Report section.
  4. Now providers can enable automatic recurring membership payments using zHealthPay.
  5. The Summary section in the Patient Chart will now show the last 10 supplements list only if quantity>0.
  6. The Patient Summary page inside the Patient's Chart will now feature last 10 supplements with date of services (not just based on the last visit), Dx codes from the last visit/invoice, and vertical scroll on all panels so that the content does not overflow.
  7. We have changed the way how "Forgot Username or Forgot Password" works in zHealth. In a practice, multiple providers use the same email address so now instead of email address, we will ask providers for their username. On clicking the Forgot Username link, we will send a list of username(s) associated with an email address. 
  8. The Monthly Statistics Report will show new patients based on the appointments by the new patients.
  9. The AR Report will now include sales taxes.
  10. For clients with our Advanced Plan, our system will automatically send Intake Forms only to patients with appointment-type as 'N' (New Patient) and if there is no previous note/encounter for the patient. Note: Intake Forms can always be sent manually.
  11. The Box 11b in the HCFA Form will automatically pull Claim# from the Insurance section in a patient's profile if the condition is related to Employment/Workers' Compensation, Auto Accident, or Other Accident. The EDI 837 will also show the Claim# in workers' compensation cases.
  12. Patient visit report will also include visits which do not have any CPT/services attached to the invoice.
 September 2021
  1. Clinics can create separate notes for patients with two appointment types on the same day.
  2. Merged patient files now also sums up the "Visit Count".
  3. Print Pain-Diagram in Past Notes if there are any pain diagram markings in the note.
  4. Two new reports - Outstanding Balance Visit Report and Invoice Payment Report added under Batch Reports.
  5. Clinics can now apply/post 'n' number of EOBs to the same invoice.
  6. Appointment category and type code will be visible in the appointment type list.
  7. Invoice print out now shows Quantity and Unit Price for Supplement/Misc Items.
  8. Download and see the claim errors in txt format without logging into OA account.
  9. New ICD-10 codes added.
  10. AQ modifiers added to CPT master list.
  11. You can view Total Adjusted/Write-Off and (b) Total money received as Patient's Credit in Money Collected Report.
  12. Added lifestyle and outgoing invoices to the communication audit trail.
  13. For detailed information about each update, visit New Updates - September 2021.
 July 2021
  1. View all Past Notes of a patient in case you have multiple locations.
  2. Patient Credits and Membership data added to Monthly Detailed Charges and Payment Reports.
  3. Identifiers for patients, providers, and service locations added in the Detailed Appointment Report, Detailed Payment Report & Detailed Charges Report.
  4. Print patient membership payment invoice.
  5. More information added in the membership for a patient so providers can see the "Total Amount Charged" and "Total Amount Paid" for a given membership plan.
  6. Support for ‘Import Previous’ added to Misc Items in Invoice.
  7. New Membership Payment Summary Report available under "Batch Reports".
  8. For detailed information about each update, visit New Updates - July 2021.
 May 2021
  1. Add a patient photo to his or her profile.
  2. New templates added to our SOAP Note library.
  3. View 277-response from insurance payers in our software.
  4. OA-file ID added to the Claim Audit for new claims.
  5. New batch report types including Provider Detailed Charges and Detailed Appointments.
  6. Automatic daily deletion of patient names with the last name as 'Delete'.
  7. Insurance fee schedule to help you calculate patient responsibility.
  8. For detailed information about each update, visit New Updates - May 2021.
 April 2021
  1. Support to edit an ERA/EOB claim payment.
  2. Added a facility level EIN.
  3. Visit notes now available on the patient portal.
  4. SSN and DL are back in Patient's Contact Details.
  5. Batch reports for detailed payment and detailed charges.
  6. For detailed information about each update, visit New Updates - April 2021.
March 2021
  1. Refund/voids for patient credits.
  2. Fixed 'patient import' around duplicate insurance issues.
  3. Admin follow-ups now visible to all providers in the facility.
  4. Added 'Show Inactive' filter for patient search page.
  5. Surgical history date formatting update.
  6. A facility flag added to disable sending appointment notifications to the providers.
  7. Ability to delete recurring appointments block.
  8. Changes to invoice payment modal.
  9. For detailed information about each update, visit New Updates - March 2021.

Click the attachment to download a sheet with all our product updates from March'21 to August'22.

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